8th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser and Fashion Extravaganza


The 8th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser and Fashion Extravaganza kicks off at 5:30pm on March 7. The annual event organized by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women(NCBW) MECCA chapter, focuses on raising funds and providing scholarships to the young graduating seniors of the MECCA chapter. The main focus of the fundraiser is to raise funds, provide scholarships, as well as to increase awareness about education and also mentoring the young black girls of MECCA graduating seniors. It is a night filled with purpose, enthusiasm, determination.

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women is a non-profit organization founded in 1981. Nearly 40 years later the organization keeps on working for the betterment of African-American women. Since its inception the women working at NCBW have kept fighting and advocating justice for black women. NCBW remains determined to work for a better future for African-American women.

A small portion of the funds raised during the event will go to the Little Ladies of MECCA Education and Mentoring Program scholarship fund, a program focused on the development of Education, Health, Economic stability and Civic Engagement of African American girls. Each scholarship candidate who is a graduating high school senior, is granted a $5,000 scholarship. This money will help fund the girls’ post-secondary school tuition.

To inspire the youth and guests attending the event, NCBW will also honor some very special African American women living legends. The evening will reach a climax with the Fashion Extravaganza showcasing the latest haute couture designed by well-known fashion icon, Dwight Eubanks.

Interested individuals who wish to attend the 8th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser and Fashion Extravaganza can choose between 2 types of tickets. Attendees can choose between the Porsche Plus Experience or the Platinum partner:


  • Ticket price is 200$
  • There would be VIP seating.
  • Proper Red carpet entrance.
  • During the red carpet entrance there would be commemorative photograph with Vintage Porsche
  • There would be exclusive access to the Porsche Heritage Museum Power Partners
  • For VIP access the reception would start at 5:30 PM with Live Entertainment
  • There would be Outdoor Courtyard Cigar Lounge and exclusive Power Partner Swag Bags
  • In order to prepare for the Porsche ride there would be a demo, so VIP access ticket holders should arrive by 5:30. They would be unable to redeem the Porsche ride if they reach late.


  • Ticket price is 150$
  • Proper red carpet entrance.
  • Commemorative Photograph with Vintage Porsche (during Red Carpet entrance)
  • Entrance would be at 6 pm.
  • There would be Outdoor Courtyard Cigar Lounge
  • There would be full access to the National Coalition of 100 Black Women-MECCA Scholarship Fundraiser Silent Auction
  • Fashion Extravaganza General Seating

Due to security reasons, no tickets are sold on-site and all tickets must be purchased in advance. All participants and attendees are required to show valid identification for admittance to the Porsche Experience Center property. The name of the attendee must match the name on the Guest list.



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