A Conversation with Debonair Harbor’s Jahir Logan


On the cutting edge of music and fashion is Jahir Logan, an artist, designer, founder and CEO of Debonair Harbor.  Always humble and classy, this young entrepreneur knows what it takes to turn heads and was gracious enough to share his insights.  He shared very valuable lessons that anyone looking to make waves in the industry would do well to heed.

On Musicsolopro4

Hailing from Waukegan, a small town just outside of Chicago, IL, he shares that his passion for music inspired him to take a leap of faith to move to Atlanta.  He quickly learned that music is the music Mecca of the country and anyone seriously pursuing a music career would do well to connect with industry professionals in the area.

“Atlanta is the hub of music,” he says.  With numerous single and an impressive fan following to boo, he has earned the distinction as an upper echelon artist set to take the world by storm.

He notes that while there are tons of connections musically, it takes a little digging to sort the professionals from the noisemakers.

On Fashionvarsitypack

When asked about his emergence as a fashion designer, he nostalgically recalls the debut of his project, Two Sides of the Story in 2011.  In true businessman fashion (no pun intended), he networked with friends in the fashion industry and created t-shirts for the event.

“I was surprised when they sold out,” says Logan.

Seeing an opportunity and stumbling upon a new creative outlet, he did something that many never thought he would do: he bought a sewing machine.  Soaking up tips and techniques from tutorials and industry leaders, Logan stands above the crowd of wannabe fashion designers in that he takes part in each step in the creation process.

On LegacyDebonair

Jahir Logan has created a brand marked by high quality and affordability.  Consistently revealing refreshing pieces added to his collections, he definitely raises the bar for industry professionals.

“My story is different from most because I’m a regular dude,” says Logan.  “I want the average person to know that you can come from nothing and turn it into something, like I do with my craft.  I want people to know that just because you don’t start at the top or come from money that, as long as you keep going, you will get to where you want to be.”

Be sure to connect with him on Facebook to witness an all-access, live cut and sew event debuting on Valentine’s Day.



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