Alan Avery Art Company


Address: 656 Miami Circle NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Phone number: (404) 237-0370


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The world has always respected artists for their immense talent of bringing out a feeling through a painting. Throughout different ages, art has seen many forms.

Starting from the cave painting in the primitive age to the huge canvas art in today’s modern world, paintings have been a great part of peoples’ knack. A brilliant piece of art in the living room adds to your social strata and also reveals your classy taste and interest that you take in these art forms.

Excellent artists from all over the world are mingling among themselves to bring out new ideas of art which will be useful in expressing various messages of peace and harmony that is much needed now.

One such centre of immense talent is Alan Avery Art Company. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this company is a house where many artists come together to put out art in the best kind for the viewers. Owned by extremely talented Alan Avery, this company has been a storehouse of technique, composition and experience for over 35 years.

It is the platform for new, upcoming talents which has been a flame of promotion in their careers. Avery has been a righteous person to give proper platform to emerging new artists who have proved their talent at each step. He is credited with forging relationships and placement of numerous works of art with many leading institutions and museums across the country.

He was introduced to visual arts at a very young age, when he decided to quit public education system and join the North Carolina School of Arts.

The Alan Avery Art Company has been designing homes and doing excellent interior décor for over 30 years. It has satisfied the demands of clients to the core and is still living up to their expectations.

Many renowned artists namely Robert Rauschenberg, Jim Dine, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Kipniss, Donald Sultan, Chuck Close, Louise Nevelson and Kara Walker have come from all around the world to amalgamate in the making of brilliant pieces of art.

This company has won the title of Best Gallery many times. It has showed its rich quality and class through many exhibitions on which the different paintings of the excellent artists are put on display.

The artists specialise in modern art, realistic arts, contemporary art forms, portraits and even landscapes.

Art lovers can view their works at the different exhibitions that they host and also purchase some of them for their own interests. Having a painting of such renowned painters at home will talk about your interests in such art works and also add to the beauty of your room with much subtlety. Nowadays, there are many scientific methods through which artists make life out of paintings.

Techniques of the stroke of the brush in different angles can bring a complete change of emotion in the painting. These are the techniques that are cultured in Alan Avery Art Company. It is a repository of colourful talents.



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