Photo Courtesy of LuxeLife Atlanta: Web Series
Photo Courtesy of LuxeLife Atlanta: Web Series

I heard someone make a statement about women who live in Atlanta.

They said that the only female professionals in Atlanta are either models turned strippers or strippers turned models.

Or singers.

Let me tell you why this statement disgusted me.

First of all, it is very shortsighted and shallow to believe that with everything happening in the marketplace, all of the business that find their home in Atlanta, that stripping is the only viable option for women.


Are there a lot of strippers?


Are ALL the women working in Atlanta stripper or aspiring strippers?

Absolutely not!

Atlanta has become almost a Mecca of opportunities of all types.

Women, who have scientifically documented levels of intelligence, are finding new and improved ways of earning money.

And it’s not by taking their clothes off.

Now, let me just say this: I love strippers!

I have some friends who make very good money in clubs and dancing for private clients such as celebrities.

But, I have to admit that they get a lot of slack and are looked down on because of their profession.

So, I take it personally when someone makes a claim about people based on a bias or misinformation.

That would be like saying all Black people are lazy or all Mexicans are dirty.

Anytime you make an unquantifiable claim about a group of people, you put yourself in a precarious place of judgement.

Nobody likes to feel like they are being put into some box, with a proverbial letter A stamped on their forehead, being avoided like some sort of contagious skin disease.

What I would challenge more people to do is be a part of stimulating the economy.

What type of business can be erected that would allow more women the opportunity to build a solid foundation for the future that does not include taking off their clothes?

Because, the fact of the matter is that where there is demand, the supply naturally follows.

If there are 20 strip joints hiring and 2 corporate jobs available, what is the likelihood that women would bypass what is readily available for a small segment of work that they may or may not even be qualified for?

Speaking of being qualified, what types of educational or career development programs are in place to help women find a different way?

At the end of the day, everyone is looking to do the same thing: flourish.

And just because some women make ways to do so by entertaining in whatever fashion they see fit, narrow-minded comments should lose their place in conversation.

Can we adopt this as a rule of thumb: if it’s not uplifting, don’t say it.




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