Arnika Dawkins Art Gallery


Address: 4600 Cascade Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30331

Phone number: (404) 688-1892


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Additional Information

Arnika Dawkins is a passionate fine art photographer and collector of inspiring and provocative photos. In order to promote the talent of African Americans in the field of photography, especially depicting African Americans, she opened the art gallery to showcase the works of established and budding photographers.

The gallery aims at creating an educational platform for the support of the upcoming talent and extends the opportunity for others to view and appreciate the meaningful, creative art pieces.

The art gallery believes in creating a strong connection between accomplished artists and individuals that are trying to establish their work and begin their art collection.

As a promoter of fine arts by African Americans, the gallery exhibits inspiring work of art of many established as well as aspiring photographers.

There are many mediums through which an artist expresses himself. Nonetheless, photography is definitely an effective medium of expression as the photographer captures the candid moments in very powerful way. The correct use of lighting, giving various textures to the photo through edit, choosing the right subject for photography are many reasons that make the final outcome interesting and a treat to the eyes.

Being an avid photographer herself, Arnika Dawkins has supported the artists who have a creative approach and display some inspiring and provocative stuff that mesmerizes the viewers. She finds it necessary to bring forth the talent in African Americans and showcase it to the world through this expressive medium.

The art gallery is open from Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm and closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, one can visit with prior appointment.

Bringing fine art to the otherwise industrial capital of Georgia, Arnika Dawkins Photographic Fine Art Gallery finds its place in a historic cottage at Atlanta.



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