Atlanta Black Pride Fashion Show “Respect the Legacy”


Atlanta Black Pride as a community is making a remarkable contribution to the society; a group that formed its embryo with only a few members from the LGBT community is now only expanding in volume. The world is in a dire need of changing its conventional outlook and accepting people whole-heartedly who dare to choose their needs which haven’t been plagued by the society’s stereotypes. When a group of American African Lesbians and their gay mates came together in 1996, it gave birth to “Atlanta Black Pride” who like their denomination regard and propagate that being in love with a person from the same gender is beyond beautiful and skin color can never be the metrics of judging the degree of humanity. In order to take this thought forward and encourage people by abstaining from forming a negative mindset regarding individual choices, they organize annual events to leave a permanent mark.

Like the preceding years, this year too, the non-profit organization of Atlanta Black Pride will be organizing a fashion show by the name “Respect the Legacy” and its tickets have been made available online. The fashion show is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 31st August 2019 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The grand location that has been selected to keep up with the theme of the show is at Georgia Tech Hotel and Conventional Center, Atlanta, GA 30308.

The fashion show has received support from an array of premium companies who have extended their reliance in the form of sponsorship for this event. The show already has been creating a lot of buzz around the town because of its earlier reputation and the list of guests who have been lined up to grace the event with their presence. All the patrons and members who are expected to arrive at the fashion show take a keen interest in the world of glamour and styling. This list begins with Dwight Eubanks, who has been rightly called the “International Man of Style” and is known for the quirky and out-of-the-box style tips rendered to the celebrities and followed by the maestro himself. Eubanks has been approached to display his line of clothing known as “The Eubanks Collection” and these attires will be supported and enhanced with the use of ‘Mistress Cosmetics” from Atlanta. Apart from this esteemed designer and stylist, the show will receive its dazzle from the presence and performance of groups like the Khaos Atlanta and Infeffable.

Atlanta Black Pride is known to organize shows and events in the country within a stipulated time of the year and these events are dedicated to and include gaming sessions, workshops, film festivals, Pre-bash, and an overall celebration. For an initiative like this, to taste the fruits of acceptance and success needs to be joined by people from all groups and strata of society. With only a few days remaining for the fashion show to commence, you can find and book your tickets at .



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