Atlanta Contemporary Art Center


Address: 535 Means Street NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone number: (404) 688-1970


Additional Information

With a view to encourage contemporary artists and give them an opportunity to exhibit their talent, an art center by the name of “Nexus” came into existence in the year 1973.

The center is instrumental in annually conducting educational programs of over 80 types such as Contemporary Cocktails, Contemporary Talks, Contemporary Kids, Movement Love and others. Located in the West Midtown district of Atlanta, the center has always supported the artists who have had little or no exposure to showcase their talent.

Atlanta Contemporary, as it is called now, holds exhibitions of artists from Atlanta, national and international art circles. This is a non-profit institution with a sole aim of promoting contemporary art in society. Almost 100 artists have exhibited their art through this center and given the opportunity to the masses to understand, appreciate and encourage various art forms.

In 1973, started by some Atlanta photographers and projected as a cooperative gallery in a store, it got support from its members and volunteers.

In 1976, the organization decided to expand its program and thus leased an old elementary school for planning a proper setup process. In 1984 the name “Nexus” was changed to “Nexus Contemporary Art Center” in order to bring in focus the activities of the center, so that more people became aware of the artists and talent prevailing in the city.

Not satisfied by the small setup, in 1987 the institution took up the task of renovating a 35,000 sq.ft warehouse at an estimated expense of around $1.95 million. They wanted to find a permanent home for the gallery and they got one on Means Street near Georgia Tech Institute.

In 1989 a renovation program was taken up, which was completed in 1994. Thus, Nexus became a name to reckon with for bringing about cultural change in the industrial district of Georgia.

In the year 2000, Nexus Contemporary Art Center was renamed as the current Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. However, it was later shortened to what people prefer calling it, simply Atlanta Contemporary.

To date, Atlanta Contemporary has held exhibitions of many established as well as budding artists. The exhibitions are free for viewing and are held on all days of the week except Monday, at different timings per day. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm, Thursday from 11 am to 8 pm and on Sunday 12 pm to 4 pm.

Besides holding exhibitions of various artists to showcase their art, the Center also supports the artists by providing them working space at a subsidized rate so that their art pursuit continues without a break. Currently the Center has 14 Studio Artists. The Studio Artist Program lends support to diverse art fields like painting, ceramic, sculpture, photography, performance and film and video. The studios range from 225 to 755 square feet and facilities like WiFi, parking and utilities are extended at 30% concession from market rate. The lease is renewable for only 2 turns.

In short, Atlanta Contemporary is a place where contemporary artists can approach in order to get an opportunity to show the world their talent and art.



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