Atlanta Opera Presents Frida


The 40th anniversary of the Atlanta Opera has been said to launch the renowned ‘Frida’. The major goal of the Atlanta Opera has always been to enhance art, and with the aid of world- renowned conductors, artists, directors and singers of different specializations, they have indeed fulfilled this goal.

The Robert Rodriguez’s biographical Opera Frida focuses on the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Her life here is the art in question. Frida’s pains, struggles and identity crisis were expressed in her painting- she was an excellent artist.

A look into Frida’s life shows there were many sides to her lifestyle, and to a large extent too, she suffered a lot of challenges ranging from divorce, sexism, polio, mental illness, miscarriages, etc. Rodríguez, in his narration, depicted Kahlo as a fighter, a brave woman, and an overcomer not a victim.

Popular actress Catalina Cuervo is going to play the role of Frida in Atlanta this October, and being a pure opera, the role is a quite demanding, but Catalina is sure competent. The role would portray Frida’s existence from childhood to death, actively enacting her downfalls, aspirations and there would be relevant costume changes, and the actress would remain on stage for the entire performance.

The Atlanta Opera would be aired in October; on the 5th, 9th, 11th and 13th at Sandy Springs performing Arts Center at City Springs, Atlanta; and tickets could be purchased starting at $28. The fare doesn’t even do justice to the opera, as it is organized by a team second to none in the industry.

Frida also happens to be among the New Discoveries of the Atlanta Ocean, pleasing the audience who seek new perspectives and ideas for the movie industry. Other stage players involved in Frida includes Ricardo Herrera, Jorge Parodi, Diego Rivera, Maria Valdes and Latina. The Opera is also to be directed by Maria Condemi, and other conductors of the Opera include Hilary Blecher, Migdalia Cruz, Monica Essen (production design), Marco Pelle (dance instructor), etc.

Also, composer Xavier Rodríguez who commissioned the African Music Theatre Festival explained that the singular life of Frida Kahlo is quite suitable for an opera, and there are so many enormous potentials to her life, as well as different perspectives to her personality. Since her life is documented in music, adequate attention ought to be given to rehearsals and proper preparation of course.

Frida would be subtitled in English and Spanish, and would air for about two hours and thirty minutes; and would contain a bit of graphic content, graphic scenes, adult contents, partial nudity and other related themes.



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