Atlantic Station Announces ATL Kula’s Opening

Photo Credit: ATL Kula

Atlantic station announced on Wednesday that the ATL Kula will be joining its blend of tenants. With this news, residents of Atlanta, Georgia can count on the leading Yoga and Pilates outfit to cater to their holistic well being. The Atlantic station itself, having transformed the face of the city since its very establishment will be adding another star to its flag by being the preferred location of ATL Kula.

The Kula project that eventually spanned off ATL Kula started fifteen years ago as part of New York’s Lower Manhattan’s effort to deal with the fallout of people’s mental health following 9/11. Since inception, the Kula project have enjoyed rapid growth. It has elongated its reach to other cities within the United states. Now, Corey and Kiara have decided to make the presence of the ATL Kula permanent in Atlanta.

The Yoga and Pilates scene has maintained its presence in Atlanta for a while, hosting free yoga classes in the park. With the decision to make its presence permanent, the Yoga outfit will be joining a consortium of tenants at the Atlantic station. These arrays of tenants include several restaurants, athletics sport stores and cosmetics businesses. The press release by the Atlantic station on Wednesday was closely followed by that of the ATL Kula owners, Corey and Kiara Johnson.

In the press release that acknowledged the fact that the outfit’s presence is now permanent in Atlanta, they also disclosed the location of the studio and other working details of the ATL Kula. They will be operating from a 1,700 square foot studio and will offer classes taught by six instructors in two full-sized classrooms. The studio will also feature a lounge and meditation room. The interior of the studios is expected to incorporate natural elements including several plants and a soothing coloor palate.

“After the progress experienced by the Kula project, it is so exciting to bring ATL Kula to such an iconic spot in Atlanta, the various wellness options will be beneficial to the thousands of residents and employees who live and work in the neighborhood” Corey Johnson said. He also continued that after seeing the success of the free Yoga classes hosted in the park, it is only fitting that the same location should become the first permanent studios of the ATL Kula in Atlanta.

As Atlantic stations residents, Corey and Kiara Johnson have watched the area progress through the years and they believe the addition of the ATL Kula studios will also help balance the holistic well being of the teeming population of the area. With the business website promising that there are events that suits all skill levels, the ATL Kula will be aiming at seeing a large turnout on its grand opening inside of the Atlantic station.



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