#ATLEats Field Day Restaurant


Finally, after weeks and months of planning, construction and execution, Field Day restaurant officially launches. In what is best described as “a laid back, yet inventive neighborhood patio bar and restaurant”, it’s about to get lit in Atlanta.

The Field Day restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia is owned by Rob Bouton of Charleston’s Queen Street who while discussing with What Now Atlanta, stated that the restaurant is second to none. He further opined that the ambience is expected to portray Atlanta in its full glory; the metro Atlanta. Beyond doubt, it is set to be a grab and go market.

The restaurant and bar features varieties of food items, which is less than $20 and it has a regular menu change. The open space restaurant is in no doubt blessed with a cozy atmosphere, providing a homely and accessible environment for its customers.

What’s more…… customers get dishes made from local produce and greens for a healthier life. It’s all about ditching the processed meals and taking a break from the industrial. It might also interest you to know that the patio has eclectic bar plan, with a front portion, where people can get to relax, unwind, and grab a bite while relaxing over a cup of coffee, or a glass of juice and getting conversant with the atmosphere.

When asked about his views about Atlanta, Bouton revealed that he is set to introduce to the people- the best local neighborhood bar and restaurant. He further made known that the Atlanta of his dreams is green.

It is anticipated that Field Day is on a mission to be quite different from the regular restaurant. The people are eager to see what the restaurant has in store for them, and that brings to mind the words of Bouton, “I want the neighborhood, to decide what is served every day at Field Day”

Besides, a quick look at the Pitts’s menu identifies that the menu is concentrated only on using local ingredients whenever possible. The goal is to let go of processed foods, cultivate a habit of healthy living, and of course creating a lot of variety at very affordable prices. The menu ranges from vegetables, greens, grain bowls, sandwiches, pastries and wraps. It is expected that this will further feature small and medium sized catering services

Field Day is located on 668 Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312. 



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