beyonce-ivy-parkWelp.  The Queen has done it again!

Not that she ever needs to confirm her spot at the top of her game, she goes and drops a fashion line, as if to ask, “Oh.  Y’all thought I was playing about slaying all day, huh?”. She, in fact, was NOT playing.

But, what she did was create a fashion line that has been classified as athleisure wear, clothing that can be worn for an active lifestyle, but also can be worn casually.

Since joining forces with Michelle Obama in March 2011 for the Let’s Move! campaign targeting childhood obesity, Beyoncé has been very vocal about creating a wave of increased activity in our fast-paced, device-driven age.  Her clothing line fits perfectly with these efforts.

Screen-Shot-2016-03-31-at-5.17.24-PMNow, you can maintain an active lifestyle AND slay draped in a fashion line produced by royalty.

The line was revealed on Ivy Park’s YouTube channel where just with a two minute video and 2 pictures had over 31,000 people following in less than an hour.

But, of course. It’s Bey.

Partnering with Phillip Green, her line is unique in that she has been hands-on in developing the line.  The line boasts of 200 reasonably priced pieces ranging from $30 and $200.

What is most exciting about this line and its marketing is how emphasis are put on women loving their bodies.  She did an interview with Elle magazine where she talks about this and her hopes for her daughter and future generations of women.

And she talks about focus, discipline, and mindset, all key factors in reaching out for any goal or dream.  She literally lays out a blueprint of her journey on the road to success by sharing the mental state that it takes to achieve big goals.

landscape-1459435078-beyonce4In the promo, she admits that there are things that she’s still afraid of and says that she always goes back to her roots, the foundation that made her the woman that she is today, a leader of industries.

She closes with a question, a challenge of sorts. “Where is your park?” A true inspiration. What will come from the Carter camp next? Whatever it is, the world will be waiting with bated breathe.

Ivy Park will be available for purchase online, at Topshop, Nordstroms, Hudson Bay, Net-A-Porter, and Zalando on April 14. In the meantime… follow the line’s new Instagram page!




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