Burn Bar Comes to Atlanta


The presence of bars at any place can enhance the beauty of the entire area but when the bar is as exquisite as “BURN” you are bound to have a fun time. Burn by Rocky Patel is a premium cigar lounge and cocktail bar located at one of the most ideal locations in the city of Atlanta.

Burn bar has yet to start its operations however it has already made people of Atlanta very excited. The bar is located right next to one of the most famous baseball stadiums in Georgia i.e. Sun Trust Park. Even though the Sun Trust Park is itself very popular the bar would add a lot of value to the stadium and vice versa. Burn Bar is expected to be one of the most popular and the most visited place in Battery Park.

Rocky Patel isn’t new to cocktail bars and cigar lounges as he has been in the business for more than two decades. He has already opened several other branches of his bar in cities like Naples, Oklahoma City, and Pittsburgh. This shows the popularity and reach of BURN.

According to Roger Patel the concept of Burn has brought an evolution in cigar lounges that are creatively designed to maximize the experience of cigar smokers. Like his bars in other three places, Burn at Battery, Atlanta will also have a lot to offer including fine quality cigars and mouth-watering cuisines. While you are enjoying your time at the Bar you can also order an exceptionally refreshing cocktail.

The Burn franchise is synonym with exotic cigar lounges and cocktail bars. Roger Patel has tried to create a strong brand by having a similar type of accessories at all his branches. The bars are perfect in all ways. There are several private nooks in the building if you want to smoke a cigar with your business partner and discuss urgent and important business matters. All his other branches have similar types of leather sofas and chairs for customers to feel cozy and relaxed while they sip on their cocktails and take a puff of that fine quality cigar.

Mr. Patel has been in the business for quite some time now and he knows that the environment plays a very important role in the success of a business. A certain amount of investment has gone into installing state of the art ventilation system in order to control the indoor temperature of the bar. A humidor is also present at all of the branches in order to complement the ventilation system.

Mr. Patel has had a very successful career as a bar owner and this is apparent from his previous three successful attempts at the opening, running and maintaining the different franchise of the Burn bar. The new Burn Bar at Battery, Atlanta is also expected to have a similar environment and magnificent service like the other three Burn bars in America.

So if you are ever in Atlanta don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this delicate and exotic Cigar Lounge.



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