Cam Newton’s ‘Fellaship’ Opens In Atlanta

Courtesy of MELT Atlanta

Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers starting Quarterback, has never hidden his love for cigars. Besides putting him “at peace”, as he says, cigar smoking brings back childhood memories of watching Michael Jordan celebrating NBA title victories, with a cigar in the locker rooms.

This passion is what led him to create Fellaship, an upscale cigar lounge, in close proximity to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, in his hometown of Atlanta.

The opening of the cigar lounge coincided with Super Bowl LIII on February 3, 2019, which he personally announced via a video posted on Instagram.

Attendees had the opportunity to mingle with Cam and other celebrities, during the event filled opening weekend.

Fellaship was designed by the Meyer Davis Group from New York, and the 4,600sqft area includes a lounge and restaurant. The interior is designed to reflect the eccentric nature of Newton’s hats and outfits and some of the furniture is covered in the same blazer material worn by Cam to his 2015 NFL MVP, post -game interview.

The inclusion of a VIP lounge was planned from the start, and it is secluded behind a pivoting bookcase. No attention was spared to any of the details throughout the cigar lounge, and even the bathrooms are luxurious.

The menu offers Cam’s favorite cigars and drinks and includes many culinary delights for lovers of fine dining.

Fellaship is a joint business venture between Cam and his brother, C.J. and the entire project has cost over $7 million to complete, with the family footing the whole amount. This includes the price of the real estate. The brothers plan to expand and Charlotte- where Newton lives during the season- is the next city on the list.

Cam is committed to enhancing the lives of youth and plans to organize events at the cigar lounge with proceeds going to the Newton Foundation and local communities.



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