When it comes to making a name for yourself as an artist, two things are very important to your success; 1) Making music that connects to your audience, and 2) Connecting with your hometown before branching out. These are the two things that Charley Brickz has made sure to establish in his career before bringing his signature “Geechee” flavor to Atlanta. This month’s LuxeLifeATL Artist Spotlight is on this Charleston, SC artist, who speaks about his long career in his hometown and how it feels to bring his style to a new town… Charley Brickz aka Charley B.

  • You’ve been in the game since the age of 12 and have been a part of different rap groups. How different does it feel being a solo act instead of being a part of a group?

It’s different because you get to broaden your horizon as an artist as far as reaching out to other artists with different styles and genres. It gives you room to grow in your our lane. Don’t get me wrong everyone in these crews were dope in their own way but we all have different roads we’re traveling when it comes to our careers.

  • After having so many years in the business doing open mics, recording and even gaining notoriety in your hometown of Charleston, SC, do you feel like your style and skill set is at its prime and ready for the top or do you still feel the importance on improving, changing and perfecting your craft?

As far as being ready for the top, most def …As far me hitting my prime, absolutely not. I’m having so much fun with what I’m doing I feel at times I’m not even trying or even  tapping into my full potential but that’s the great thing about it, ya’ know? I feel you’re supposed to have fun with what you love doing.

  • Your unique style has been described as a combination of bounce style and Charleston “Geechie flavor”. Give us a description of what makes your style stand out and how it fits with today’s Hip Hop.

I just feel it’s different, especially from what you hearing now. I feel like I’m one of the few artists that are actually bringing substance back to music. Just something people can relate to and understand no matter if they work a regular 9 to 5, or are taking chances in the streets to feed their family. Even the sh*t you just go through in everyday life, from overdue bills, trouble with the law, relationship issues, etc.; we all been through these things just being human. It’s deeper than just “street rap” or whatever you wanna call it. That’s what music with substance is all about. It ain’t all about being super duper lyrical and political because most of that sh*t fly over people’s heads nowadays. Just give the people something they can feel, ya’ dig me.

  • Have you noticed a connection between Atlanta’s and Charleston’s respective music scenes?

Most definitely. Atl’s sound has a big influence on the rap scene in my city as well as in other cities. Only thing that makes it a bittersweet thing is that it’s a lot of “wave riding” going on versus a showing of more originality and I feel my city has so much more to offer by embracing our culture from our city instead of sounding like artist that are already out especially from other cities, not just Atlanta.

  • You’ve also done some acting in a mini film for a magazine in your hometown. Is becoming an actor one of your goals or are you mainly just focused on the music?

Oh yeah! BIG shout out to Felicia Rivers aka Ms. Geecheeone and the whole Geecheeone Magazine for that opportunity too. It’s crazy ’cause I didn’t think about acting until she asked me to be a part of her project, “Up In Smoke”. I’m actually pursuing an acting career with the 9Nine Unagency out here in Atlanta. They’re a company out here that help people find paid work in the acting field I just started so nothing big yet but I’m working on it, lol!

  • I’m sure you’re in the studio cooking up something, when can we expect to hear the next big street anthem from Charley B?

Soon. Look for me midsummer. Just know… after this reintroduction, they gone know who  Charley Brickz is. #CharlestonStandUp

Charley Brickz

Links to Music and Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/charleybrickz

Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/charleyb

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/charley-brickz



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