Coca Cola’s New Alcoholic Beverage is Coming to Atlanta


The popularly known bottling company Coca-Cola is reportedly said to be in negotiations with Aurora Cannabis to launch an alcoholic beverage in Atlanta this fall. Moving away from the regular product it is known for, the new alcoholic beverage is set to contain cannabinol which is said to relieve muscle cramps and sooth body pains, however, present in Marijuana plants.

In the 125 years history of the brand, it has now decided to take a dynamic action towards its market audience, and so has merged with popular Japanese spirit Shochu. The beverage which will contain 3% to 8% alcoholic content will not extend beyond the borders of Japan for sales; and the brand name will be called Lemon-do alcoholic soft drink.
Meanwhile, rumors have it that the drink is intended for a ‘specific slice’ of Coca-Cola’s market audience, and the contents of this drink will include distilled water, flavoring, coffee and of course spiked with local liquor Shochu. You can recall that Shochu is a liquor alternative to beer which is mostly consumed by women.

However, the product will be launched by the end of 2019 in over 20 international markets. The aim of this product is to capture a greater audience, which is the older generation through availability of liquor which is common amongst them. Being a sweet alcoholic beverage, the drink will enhance drinking at any time of the day, thereby creating a more consistent market audience, and of course greater sales.

You will agree that the Coca-Cola products, generally containing stimulants, caffeine and kola nuts contents have been in the market for a very long time, and are strictly non-alcoholic drinks, especially because they are scrutinized by a couple of nutritional agencies. The new product however shall also pass through its own verification, and would be sold to only persons of age.

Besides, it is also reported that the non-alcoholic beverages contains traces of cocaine, and this could be true since the beverage started in 1894 in an era when cocaine was legal. Coca-Cola also intends making use of Costa Coffee in its markets to reach its target audience and strengthen each person’s drinking habits.

Moreover, Japanese culture and love for mild liquor is said to have birthed this idea, and being a fast rising trademark, Coca-Cola brand seeks to make money and sales from anything and everything, and so, the alcoholic drink is sure their best bet in that region.
Studies have also shown that reaction from a couple of people have seemed to be somewhat below approval, as they claimed to have not expected such from the brand; and this claim gave rise to a speech by one of Coke’s senior managers who defended that the drink would not be distributed to all parts of the country.

In spite of these claims, all hands are on deck to see to the realization of this dream in October 2019, and eyes are watchful as to the distribution and sale of the products.



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