‘Doc McStuffins’ comes to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Photo Credit: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Children wishing to experience “Doc McStuffins” are certain to get an opportunity to enjoy at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta this year. This is Disney Junior’s magical toy hospital.

The Award-winning television series Peabody is coming from June 8 to the Children’s Museum, and the museum will excite the young patrons. In fact, the exhibit will run through 8 Sept.

Doc McStuffins is in English and Spanish, offering a bilingual experience. It is highly interactive that it will transport the families and the children to the McStuffins Toy Hospital from the Doc’s backyard clinic.

There, families are also welcomed to assist Doc in performing check-ups and in diagnosing toy patients as they learn topics about nurturing care, compassion and healthy habits.

“Doc McStuffins serves to children and adults as a great role model, promoting them to explore and to take care of their bodies and also reveal the importance of caring for others, said Jane Tuner, the Executive Director of Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Through this imaginative play it is believed that visitors will be equipped with more knowledge about science, health, and medicine, besides they will get to discover that children can grow up and be anything of their choice.

The Exhibit” “Doc McStuffins” was produced by Disney Junior and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and also the Indiana University Health at Riley Children’s Health. The exhibits goal is to provide children an opportunity to become comfortable in the setting of health care.

“It is not an easy feat to please children about going to see a doctor is entertaining and not scary,” said Haut. However, this may be done through interactive and educational experiences. This helps the students in understanding how to stay healthy and also keep other healthy. Teaching about healthy habits such as exercising regularly, practicing good hygiene, and eating well are some of the healthy habits and this exhibit is the one putting the minds of the children at ease, as they support to keep children healthy.

Doc McStuffins of Disney Junior is an animated imaginative series and in this a six-year-old girl heals and communicates the broken toys or stuffed animals at her backyard playhouse clinic and in the McStuffins magical Toy Hospital.

Chris Nee is the producer. He is an Emmy Award winner and has won a Humanitas Prize. The series is globally lauded for its good health practices and the importance of teaching young viewers about taking care of others and also of oneself.

“Doc McStuffins has received a great response on creating a tremendous impact on how children view themselves through popular TV series,” said Disney Junior general manager and executive vice president, Nancy Kanter. They say “We are happy to bring the care and compassion messages directly across the country into communities”.

Having young visitors and getting them an experience to enjoy or learn through toy hospital or Doc’s playhouse clinic means they get to learn firsthand about caring for others and taking care of themselves.” This exhibit gives families a chance to assume play roles, explore the hospital, and to solve problems, besides learning empathy, healthy habits, and nurturing care.



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