Down Low Karma

Has the Attitude toward Gays Affected the Growth of the Down Low Scene?


The down low trend is one as old as time, it seems.

But, I saw a video recently that sent chills through me.

I mean, it shook me to my very core.

It made me think of every man I’d ever known or could ever possibly know.

I must warn you, what you about to see has VERY explicit sexual language.


Hide your kids and wives accordingly.

Can we have a conversation?

As we know, the gay community of Atlanta thrives loudly and proudly, seemingly moreso every day.

They let it be known, honey.

And I love me a good gay man.

But, this isn’t about that.

This is about the social ecosystem created by prejudice.

Because it’s easy to say, “Shame on those guys.  They should be honest.”


Yes, they should.

But, when the thought of standing up, standing out, means basically being banished from what you know as normal, living society, you might be hesitant to “put your business in the street” as the actor in the video, Jacob, so perfectly put it.

So, before getting up in arms, let’s first look at it from a few different angles.

People respond by recoiling and being physically disgusted at the sight, thought, or sound of a gay person.  People have even been violent and destructive toward gay people.

Have your righteous indignation, if you must, be what good could possibly come from being filled with so much hate?

But, this brings me to the dating scene in Atlanta.

There are a bunch of jaded, lied to, disappointed, infected, bitter, angry women not hopeful that their Gaydar even works anymore because gay men come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fashion.

Then, you have the men who are courageous, who operate from centers of integrity, who are gentlemen, men of influence looking for someone to enjoy life with and the waters have been tainted.

The word “tolerance” comes to mind, but what does that mean?

Does tolerating something mean that you condone it as well?


Tolerance means that you accept that it exists.

And you do so without any emotional attachment to it.

Because maybe, just maybe, if we didn’t contribute to this cesspool of an environment toward people who live differently than we do, these down low guys would just be with each other and leave the happy heteros to themselves to sort things out and get on with the business of living happily ever after.

Wouldn’t that be something?

Letting people live life on their own terms.

Let me circle back to say this: integrity is everything.

To the attached and married men who decide to live dual lives, there isn’t much to say to you.

You have to look yourself in the eye every day and live with the decisions that you are making for yourself and those touched by your decisions.

Just be mindful of karma.

I apologize in advance to all the guys in relationships and married who will be greeted tonight with, “If you like men, let me know NOW!”



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