The history books are filled with dreamers who ran after their dreams.  One such entrepreneur which will be added to the ranks of successes is Mañana Cain, owner of Bridge Boutique, a boutique featuring vintage-inspired dresses, clothing, and home goods.
What sets this boutique apart from others hoping to reach the luxury status shared by this visionary is the classic fit of the pieces and the uniqueness that could only be achieved by a fashionista who is well-versed in international fashion trends.
Spark of Desire
When asked about the birth of her dream, the warm nostalgia in her voice is almost palpable.
Born to a military father who was stationed in Naples, Italy, Mañana has always had an expanded world view.  Even after his tour ended, her father moved the family back to Naples, where Mañana completed middle school and part of high school.
She shares an incredible story about her younger entrepreneurial self.  At age twelve, she and her sister came up with the idea to launch and run a deli on the Navy base.  Experiencing great success, Mañana did what any good-loving woman would do with her earnings: went shopping!  Because she enjoyed this feeling so much, she decided that she wanted to be a buyer. (Guys, remember that a successful career launched from shopping.  Just throwing that out there.)
“After returning to the states, I always asked myself, ‘How can I get back here when I’m older?”‘, says Mañana.  That question speaks to the determined mind which drives this great business woman of Atlanta.
Earning a marketing degree from Florida State University, Mañana marched on toward her dreams.  In her junion year, she applied for an internship at Macy’s and got it.  Following the internship, she was offered a position with the company.  It was here that her business skills were developed further.
Jumping Hurdles
Making the jump from employee to business owner was realized in 2006 with the opening of the first store in Hoboken, NJ.  The store faced serious challenges when the business venture partnership was dissolved.  The Cain family then relocated to Atlanta, where Mañana opened a new and improved luxury boutique.
“It’s not always easy being the boss,” Mañana admits.  “But, seeing the satisfaction beaming from a customer who likes a piece as much as you do makes it all worth it.”
Motivation For the Future
Mañana points to her family as her source of motivation to stay the obstacle course known as entrepreneurship.  With her loving and supportive husband by her side, she is an amazing example of how desire coupled with calculated action can yield much fruit.
She passionately shares her involvement as an executive member for Autism Speaks.  She and her husband help in raising money and awareness for issues surrounding autism.  From a heart of pure gold, she is personally instrumental in making sure that parents and caregivers are aware and educated on the needs of children with autism.  She shares her experience as a mother of an autistic child herself.
“I want each child to have what they need to succeed.”
She also believes that, when it comes to quality, including providing the best resources and top industry professionals available is important.
This is the same attitude she brings into her business.
Be on the lookout from more from this rising master of industry as she takes on the challenge of wholesaling and creating her own private label.
In the meantime, be sure to stop in and meet the lady, the myth, the legendary owner of Bridge Boutique in person and have the fashion experience of your dreams.
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Bridge Boutique is located in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta, Ga…

1054 St Charles Ave, Atlanta, GA 30306



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