Fashion Week in Atlanta is About to Roll In!


First, let me tell you that this is not one Fashion Week to miss. I mean wherever you are around the world. It’s time to pack your luggage, grab your passport and get down over here. This Fashion Week is more than just fashion, it is about people and races, it is about connecting the world together.

If you’ve been seeking to connect with fashion lovers and professionals from different countries, then you should be making a move to get down here. Aside from the number of people you would see and say hello to, you would have the opportunity to enroll in classes. These classes would not just be run by anyone; it would be by professionals who cut across different languages of fashion.

Meanwhile, here is one more thing you need to know: it’s called a Fashion Academy and it would be divided into session. During AIFW, there would be different workshops held and it would have a fashion and beauty based curriculum. Fashion Academy will also include fashion workshops, design suites, style makeover, model boot camp and the Beauty Shop.

Besides the courses offered ranges from Model Bootcamp, where those who seek to be professionals in modelling would be taught by professionals in the field which comprises of agents, casting director, managers. Another exciting course to learn is “The Business of Fashion”. If you’re planning on starting your own fashion business, then you need a road map. A precise one and in this class, you’d get to be taught how to build and manage your fashion brand.

In addition to these, there is a blog available where you get to follow exciting news in the fashion industry. When you talk about trends, this is where a lot of trends would be birthed and you’d stand the chance to always be on the know. This is not an event you should miss out on.



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