French Patisserie Franchise Le Macaron Expanding to Alpharetta

Photo Credit: Le Macaron

Dave Amundsen and his wife Lisa Amundsen will be introducing the famous French pastry brand Le Macaron in Alpharetta, a suburban city of Georgia, to the north of Atlanta. They are taking franchisee of this renowned food chain and will inaugurate two shops in this city. One shop will be opened in North Point Mall at the end of next September and the second one will be started in Avalon shopping mall, at the beginning of coming November.

Le Macaron is a renowned food brand of the USA, which produces French patisserie or pastry and macaron. This food chain was launched in Florida in 2009 and it started franchising since 2012, resulting in the huge popularity of these French delicacies throughout the USA. Therefore, this French patisserie franchise Le Macaron is sure to earn huge profits for Amundsen couple as well. Both of their franchisee centers will offer 20 flavors of French desserts, among which unique gluten-free macaron made in a specific style of Le Macaron will be the most delectable one.

All the Le Macaron desserts will be prepared as usual in Sarasota, a coastal city of Florida, which is the main manufacturing unit of this company. All the food items are freshly created here every day and then transported speedily to different franchisee outlets located at various cities. The same procedure will be followed in the case of the new stores of Alpharetta so that customers can get fresh food items there.

It is reported that the outpost of Le Macaron at North Mall is a large store that covers the carpet area of 250 square foot. The signature gelato of this food company will be available here, along with many other delicious French pastries and chocolates. The outlet of Le Macaron at Avalon will be operated in the form of an outdoor cart, which will be used for the first time among all other 50 stores of this food chain across the country.

Lisa Amundsen has informed in a recent telephonic interview with What Now Atlanta that they had tasted loads of macarons and other French desserts before finally choosing the delicacies of Le Macaron. The couple has opted for French patisserie franchise Le Macaron to avoid the greater financial risks of starting new entrepreneurship right now. After prolonged research, they concluded that the food products created by Le Macaron are the best as per the tastes of local people living in Alpharetta and surrounding areas. They also have the intention of opening one more franchisee outlet and this third one will be on the way to Peachtree Corners, to the west of Crab Apple.



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