GoATL Fund and LIIF Are Working Toward More Charter Schools in Atlanta


The GoATL fund in Atlanta is actually assigned for acceleration and sustainability of social outcomes in the community, and such goals are achieved through impact investing. Note that, the overall concept of such strategically invested capital is observed to obtain higher financial returns along with positive social impact.

Experts believe that this innovative fund can lead to more reliable and cost-effective loan capital for addressing the essential needs in the area. It can be utilized for safe and healthy housing arrangement for the families in the new school. Actually, the prime target of such arrangements is to ensure that all learners in this 21st-century avail appropriate access to the living wage careers.

Moreover, the investments made through this fund will be supporting the other enterprises working in association with the Impact Areas of the Foundation. They provide much sustainable reliable and long-term benefits to the targeted community. Furthermore, it is also responsible for measurable financial returns and achieving ultimate capital preservation goals.

The first investment of GoATL that is a commitment of $750,000 to Atlanta Neighbourhood Development Partnership Inc. is believed to help in the growth of single-family revitalization programs. Experts reveal that such funds can enhance the housing affordability in various neighborhoods in the surrounding area. Through this strategic and well-planned impact investment, funders are also looking for the easy investment into new forms of the capital, so that sustain non-profits and scale social purpose of the profits.

You might have heard about traditional Philanthropy; it actually works on the basis of grants but on the other side, the impact investments associated with GoATL are structured as cost-effective loans that you may need to pay back. Hence, it is believed that this recycling of dollars can consistently help in funding new initiatives in the future. Also, GoATL funds LIIF are designed to make various investments that will be done mainly through organizations such as ANDP or CDFI, etc. The biggest benefit of doing so is that these organizations are already aware of and have huge expertise to deploy the loan capital to address the critical needs of society.

Making GoATL investments in ANDP can help to fulfill the initial needs of the affordable housing arrangement in the area. The managing director of the community said that this ANDP based model is not just for ensuring sustainable living opportunities for people in Atlanta, rather at the same time it can allow working families to fulfill their dream of buying first homes in the area.

The CEO of ANDP recently said that the diversification in the funding partners for this project could further help in achieving the critical needs of the organization. Note that, the five impact areas that can be addressed through GoATL project are well-being, nonprofit effectiveness, education, community development, and arts as well. The investments made through this project can help the community to grow in terms of business, avail new residents and enhance the value of community services as well.



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