Is Georgia Close To Expanding Gambling Laws?


Atlanta, Georgia is currently in a feeling of ecstasy, as its lawmakers are deliberating on expanding the gambling franchise. After a forty-eight hours meeting featuring casino executives, sport betting operators and similar stake holders, the members of the House Special Committee on Economic Growth – a committee set up to look into the economic benefits of allowing gambling in the state, the team is yet to come to a conclusion on the approval.

For this bill to be passed into law the people have to vote; but polls have shown that most Georgians want to expand gambling.

State Senator, Brandon Beach has however confirmed that the energy being displayed is un-matching, and that the people are really enthusiastic about expanding gambling, and so it is left to the people. More so, many supporters believe that expanding gambling will better the economy; providing job opportunities and pumping more money into the economy. These gaming industries invest huge amounts of money every season into gambling, and these lists get filed and languished. This has also been said to be a reason why its stakeholders are ardent disciples of its enlargement.

However, the conservative groups and religious organizations are totally against the expanding of gambling, as it has been said to breed crime and it is an addictive habit. The lottery founded HOPE scholarship has also been said to be improved, with the inclusion of gambling into the economy. Gambling, according to them, is one of the many social vices affecting the country today, and efforts to eliminate it should be of primary concern, not thoughts of elaborating it.

A contradictory opinion on enlarging gambling, according to Stephens, also, is that the state already has a gambling history, and gambling has served as a source of income to the educational system, generating about $21 billion into the economy. Hence, enlarging gambling isn’t a needed option. He further explained that it is left to the votes of the people.

Also, Mike Griffin from the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, warned that the counter effects of gambling on kids isn’t exactly the best; and underaged gambling enhances moral decadence in the society and so should be disregarded.
It is important to note that members of the legislative caucuses have taken split opinions on expanding gambling; and so a referendum would be passed to the state, and voters would then approve a constitutional amendment.

A critical insight into the economy and financial strength of Georgia explains that an independent gaming commission may regularize gambling activities and determine where the money goes; safe to say is a better option for the country.
Midway Democrat, Al Williams has identified his stance, that Georgians should be able to take their stands, not expecting the legislature to serve as dictators or authoritarians. He also stated that he was sent to the legislature to serve his constituents, and so he is a listener, not a decision maker.

Up till this very moment, it has only been ascertained that voting polls will take place, and the results will determine the future of gambling in Georgia.



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