Jackson Fine Art


Address: 3115 E Shadowlawn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone number: (404) 233-3739

Website: https://jacksonfinearts.com

Additional Information

With more and more people inclining toward the world of art, more centres are being established globally. Located near the Beverly Hills of the East, Jackson Fine Art is an internationally famed established gallery. This internationally accredited gallery was founded in 1990 and since then it has hosted many credible events. The gallery exhibits

  • 3 rooms reserved for exhibitions only

  • Framing room

  • A Library with a gigantic collection of 1000 plus books

  • An area for print viewing

  • Offices

After every 2 months, viewers can indulge in inventive ambience art exhibitions with rotating exhibitions. The institute firmly believes that education is an integral aspect of the art centre. They are known for hosting seminars where established artists talk to the community. This art centre is a haven for art lovers. It is an indoor gallery and both handicapped, hearing impaired and visually impaired accessible.

The best-known services provided by Jackson Fine Art Gallery are:

  • Curation

  • Management of the collections

  • Framing of the art pieces

  • Installation of the art pieces

By intimately working with designers, artists and collectors. If you are considering adding to your collection, or are looking to divest on the secondary market, Jackson Fine Art provides an exceptional experience utilizing tools of the exhibition, technology, education, and expertise.

The Jackson Fine Arts centre is only 2 miles away from the upbeat city of Buckhead. There are 2 ways to reach the gallery:

  • Personal Convenience
  • MARTA (Bus and train)

If you decide to come in your vehicle, don’t bother about the parking. There is ample of space and there are no parking charges.

Italian Views is a prolongation of series Out My Window by artist Gail Albert. The artist is known for showcasing quiet domestic portraits against the photographic aspect of the city. The Italian view is about communities throughout the country of Italy. A master’s degree in arts holder from Yale University, Gail Albert is renowned for her close association with locals to stage each art piece. Her prints delve into the principles and conflicts of city routines, feeling of seclusion in the urban world and the privacies of daily life.



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