Jerry Rice, Steve Young Inspiring eSports in Atlanta

Photo Credit: Reddit

eSports’s popularity is steadily growing. So much so those who’ve played traditional sprots are getting in on it. That’s the case with the new facility being developed in Atlanta. The opening of this venue will be done by NFL two legendary players (Jerry Rice and Steve Young) and a rocket scientist. This arena gives young people an opportunity to learn to compete with the latest frontier.

This eSports Arena will have a control room, a stage, four 75-inch TV monitors, a sound booth, and 20 gaming equipped special computers. A collaboration of multi-organizations such as Johnson STEM Activity Center, Skillshot Media, Atlanta Public Schools, and The Forever Young Foundation have established the arena of eSports so that the students use it as a free resource and enjoy competing in esport programs in the Georgia state.

The concept is amazing behind this collaboration. It gives students in the Georgia state to access the eSports industry and to play freely the video games for their universities. In the United States, Varsity eSports is rapidly growing and such initiatives will help in pursuing an upwards trajectory. In fact, the assistance from ‘The Forever Young Foundation’ is to offer youths equipment to promote their passion for media and technology and to launch careers in this industry.

Steve Young and Jerry Rice, both Super Bowl champions are celebrating the grand opening with Lonnie Johnson, its founder, an engineer. The leading donors to this arena of gaming that is a $300,000 build-out are none other than Young, Johnson, and Rice. In addition to this, there is a sprawling gym featuring science and technology for school-techies.

This competitive video gaming is now a lucrative spectator sport. In fact, it attracts live and there are audiences holding tickets and there are hundreds of millions on online viewership. It is a varsity high school sport in Georgia.

Participating in multi-player, immersive eSports develops strategic thinking, perseverance, and teamwork, the same as other traditional sports. Of course, the physical prowess is absent, but the eSports develops technical chops.

At the eSports Arena, young people will get an opportunity to play games and to stage and broadcast contests, besides developing their own games, that involves art and design, storytelling and coding.

It is strongly believed by Young and Rice that the new gaming venue is a way of reaching ‘where they are’ for the youth. Besides the two legendary players want to stimulate the youth minds and assist in creativity by using the platforms that they are passionate about.



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