Kai Lin Art


Address: 999 Brady Avenue NW Suite 7
Atlanta Georgia 30318

Phone number: 404 408 4248

Website: https://www.kailinart.com/

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Additional Information

KAI LIN ART is Southeast-based contemporary art gallery founded in 2008 with an aim of cultivating creativity, spreading language of colors and conversating in artful words. It is known for its inclusive and joyful art environment. The gallery promotes art communities where people learn through collaborating. They grow in an environment that is surrounded and embraced by artists. Every art piece designed by artist has thousands word to say! Choosing black and white over colors or vice versa is backed by deep thought of artists. The ideas inculcate naturally if the environment is art friendly. The dramatic transformation of a white canvas to a masterpiece is realized through the deepness of creativity.

Yu-Kai Lin who is director and founder of this gallery is passionate about art. His dedicated effort towards creating an environment where art can flourish and spread its global roots helped in developing this market standing. They provide an opportunity to people to connect and converse with art. From paintings, sculptures to mixed media work and photography, Kai Lin has spread its branches in all mediums of art. It got its due recognition for cutting edge performance in art by regional, national and international publications. In current era where contemporary art has become lifestyle and social status, Kai Lin Art gallery contributes in shaping Southeast as a professional art hub that is respected all over the world.

The gallery organizes exhibition every year which runs from Jan to March inviting art lovers from all across the world. In 2020, it is scheduled from 17th Jan to 6th March with theme name as ‘IMAGINE’. The exhibition is open to all and provide wide range of access to enthusiasts from around the world under one roof. It is instrumental how Southeast is becoming global destination of art. The fair provides a broad spectrum of art in one space thus benefiting the artists and buyers. It also contributes in increasing the frequency of sustained excitement around collecting and discussing about art!

Art is an important component of tourism and city’s image. Thus, Kai Lin art exhibitions not only talk about micro and macro world of elements of nature but also contribute in national economy. If you are looking for quality and unedited art, then grace this exhibition with your presence. You will get to experience first- hand pleasant and collaborative craftsmanship of artists, then Atlanta is calling you with open arms!



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