Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Honored in One Act Play


Lisa Lopes, fondly known on stage as “Left Eye” was a famous singer, rapper and songwriter of the USA, who died of a car accident in April 2002 in Honduras. Now, a show has been organized in her home city Atlanta, to honor her memories. The name of this play is ‘2 The Left: A Tribute to the Life of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’. Her role is played by Kerisse Hutchinson, a famous actress and dancer, who has won many awards for acting in films, TV shows, and on stages.

According to Ronald Lopes, the brother of late Lisa Lopes, Kerisse has got an uncanny resemblance to Lisa in her physical features. This one-woman play is written by Kerisse Hutchinson, who has conducted prolonged research on the life and spiritual journey of Lisa Lopes. She also went to Usha Village of Honduras, a Central American country to experience the feelings of Lisa, as it was considered as her spiritual home and Lisa was also part of the all-female R&B Group TLC here.

This play is directed by Thomas W. Jones II. It is going to be premiered from August 1 to August 11, at the Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta. People will know all about the life and messages of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes about maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health, from this 2-week long stage show. Atlanta is chosen particularly for this show, because Lisa moved in here from her birthplace Philadelphia, for joining TLC Television Channel. She won numbers of Grammy awards and plenty of her music albums were sold while staying in this city.

Lisa Lopes was also known for her social activities that took her to a poor country, like Honduras. Hutchinson took 10 long years to develop this special one-woman drama, including her detailed research work on this subject. She interviewed the friends and family members of “Left Eye” in Philadelphia, Honduras, and Atlanta, before penning the script of this play. As Kerisse Hutchinson has a great interest in social service as well, she used her natural talent to impress people and get valuable information about the wonderful working span of the deceased singer throughout the 90s till her death in 2002.

Hence, audiences are mesmerized to see the struggle of a young woman of black skin, for establishing herself as a legendary singer. Her spiritual feelings make the audience to think over their purpose in life and what they need to fight for. Hence, people are invited to make tax-deductible donations for staging this unique show successfully, as much as they feel to be contributing for this cause.




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