Madea’s Farewell Play Tour Comes to Atlanta


A farewell tour refers to a show or concert tour that signals a singer’s retirement, a band disbanding or a show’s end. Tyler Perry this time shocked fans by announcing that they would be ending ‘Madea’ Simmons character. This was almost a 20-year run character.

Perry will be bringing together the family back for the last time and this will be showcased on 1st March as A Madea Family funeral. This was the film that is anticipated to have hilarious moments for the fans to enjoy a last laugh in association with the woman who has been delivering constantly for so many years. The Madea film finally concludes a set of 10 movies starring Perry as the mother and aunt PG version.

The synopsis of this film is that it is about a family reunion that is a joyous moment and it becomes a comical nightmare Madea and the troop move to Georgia backwoods, where they find unexpectedly plan a funeral to unveil the family unsavory secrets.

Madea’s Farewell Play Tour of Tyler Perry will be the 21st stage play of the Perry’s. The play will star David Mann, Tamela Mann, and Cassi Davis Patton.

Tyler Perry’s starring Tyler Perry is the Madea’s Farewell Tour. It is coming on May 23-26 to the Fox and from 21 December, the tickets go on-sale at 10AM!

Mabel “Madea” Simmons was no sensation character. Tyler Perry, her creator owes all the success to make this character into his aunts and mother. Perry recalls the Regal Theater night ‘It was a hit song on the radio and the actress failed to show up. But on the stage playing Madea was for just two minutes, while Madea incorporated other character lines and was for the entire time on stage.

Perry felt disappointed on putting up for the actress appearance and decided to apologize after the show to the audience. But the audience began chanting: We don’t care! They asked for Madea,

Perry had set Madea’s Farewell Play Tour in Los Angles Dolby Theater that has 3400 seat capacity. The show had celebrities such as Tiffany Haddish and Vin Diesel, besides Jay-Z and Beyonce coming late that night. Perry performed the show three times on a particular Saturday prooting the Dolby theater. The Theater owner also said in the past 17 years of their business there has never been any artist receiving over 10,000 people in a single day.

Perry has a mix photo with Madea picture in an evening gown. The role of Madea is exceptionally good who played 9/10 films. With her help, in Atlanta Tyler Perry studios could launch a production studio. Madea was the key person in bringing a transformation such that Perry became a mogul, an impressive profitable filmmaker, an Oprah Winfrey’s friend, as the biggest and earliest supporters.

It is really tough to imagine Perry would say goodbye, but he announced that the final movie and play would hit by March 1 the theaters ‘A Madea Family Funeral’.



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