Mason Fine Art


Address: 415 Plasters Avenue

Atlanta, GA, 30324

Phone number: (404) 879-1500


Additional Information

Have you ever wondered why art galleries and museums have better reputation than most well-regarded businesses in the world? This is because galleries encourage artists to be creative and make something which is reflection of their life experiences. The motive is not to generate revenue, but to allow artists to converse in the language of art. With cohesive theme and a collaborative environment, art galleries have a very adaptive environment. This post is to talk about Mason Fine Art gallery and their incredible artworks which are known globally.

Mason fine art is one of the best contemporary art galleries known for their diverse collection. Their stunning artwork collection curated by experienced gallerist is respected globally. With strong focus towards painting, sculpture works and creativity, one immerses in the depth and illustrative artwork of artists. The gallery provides an incredible platform to the artists for showcasing their work to the world. They follow an unpretentious approach towards art which serves as their USP as well! The gallery has participated in many international fairs and received accolades from major players of industry. Here is a quick overview of Mason Fine Art so you know what to expect when you are here next time!

The large two and three – dimensional works of this gallery are mesmerizing. The artists do a wonderful job of detailing every layer of color palette which creates a lively painting saying a million words! The depth in work is attuned in every component of the painting.

They arrange multiple exhibitions spread across the year in the months of February (Feb 6, 2020 is the date of this year), May, November and during Spring & fall seasons on various themes complementing the weather and the global hot topic. Few themes in past have been Women in Focus, Urban Accent, Flock of birds, No limits etc.

  • The gallery also has a section of print and photo displays which showcase a great collection of artistic consideration and thought- provoking pictures. The art gallery is rooted in a tradition of serving its customers through authentic masterpieces.

  • The collection at Mason Fine Art is impeccable and the gallery showcases first handed artwork from artists who have sky as a limit! With diverse roster of artists, it spotlights bold artists who know how to push boundaries!

  • Mason Fine Art also provide event management services and the theme of decoration is artistic. They manage everything very seamlessly and provides contemporary and chic feel to the venue. Getting married with backdrop of art gallery and museum is an experience in itself! The testimonials of customers talk about the level of superiority and professionalism showcased by team Mason.

  • The upcoming exhibition on February 6, 2020 would be featuring artists like Michael Scoffield, Harry paul, Larry Walker, Karen Tunnell, Douglas Stratton, Gaston Locklear, Jon Serl, Howard Finster and much more! Mason Fine Art is helping people in creating a perspective around everything. Every detail on the wall of the gallery motivates viewers to adapt something from the landscape and connect with universal and human experiences.



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