Outdoor Art You Should Check Out This Weekend

Photo Credit: Freedom Park Conservatory

Catching some fun with artwork in Atlanta can be fulfilling especially during springtime. While murals are one of the points of pride of the town thanks to the passion of organizations like WonderRoot, Living Walls and Outer space project which is championed by Greg Mike, there are many other types of visual arts that we can have some beautiful moments watching. Let’s check out some of the treats usually available for free that can keep the fun going.

Photo Credit: Roswell Art Fund



Roswell Arts Fund

These beautiful sculptures of Atlanta Square are the result of a partnership between the city of Roswell and Roswell Arts with the brand, ArtAroundRoswell. With the renewed drive for improvements in the city’s art treasures, nine new sculptures and ten new sculptures on permanent and temporary basis respectively will be arriving by April 13. One of the permanent sculptures includes the famous “Smoke” done by Marc Moulton. Installed in 2016, the curvy metal apparition is presently displayed at 610 Atlanta St.

Photo Credit: Flickr


High Museum

Apart from the arts in the city square, there are plenty of artworks with you can view for free around the campus. One famous sculpture is the “Hose III’crafted by Roy Liechtenstein. The lightly painted lively cartoon sculpture defies the laws of physics while walking past it. The most popular sculpture around the High Museum is the ” The Shade”. A wonderful masterpiece by Auguste Rodin, it was sent to Atlanta by France as a bronze gift after the unfortunate 1962 crash of a plane owned by Air France. You can check out 1280 Peachtree to see the beautiful artworks.

Photo Credit: OMPAtlanta

One Museum Place

Just a stone’s throw from High Museum stands a five-ton red sculpture made by a revered artist from Japan, Isamu Noguchi. It is made up of five perfectly-interlocking tetrahedrons called “Octetra”. Formerly stationed at High Museum’s lawn, this Creation was moved to its permanent home developed by Job Wieland at One Museum.

Photo Credit: Freedom Park Conservatory

Freedom Park

A tribute to John Lewis, the famous hero of civil rights, “The Bridge” also serves the dual purpose of helping the community prevent the splintering of their neighborhood. It is situated on the corner of Freedom Parkway at John Lewis Plaza. It is near the Ponce de Leon.



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