Outkast Honored With Mural in Little Five Points


While exploring the streets of Atlanta, when in the Little Five Points neighborhood in particular, you will come across a huge, 30 ft tall mural fabricated with hyper-realistic black and white right by the side of the street wear boutique.

This is Atlanta’s greatest and the most glorious tribute to the hip hop royalty that started merely as an underground, street culture and has now swelled up to accommodate every corner of the world. However, the essence of hip hop is reminiscent primarily in the streets and therefore mural has been delineated on the wall of a parking lot situated in the heart of the city.

Both the crowd of rap enthusiasts and instagrammers are being drawn to the Outkast in equal proportion; the hard work and innovation seems to have paid off. The mural has been essentially illustrated from the photos taken by the real OG photographer of the hip hop Jonathan Mannion and the entire illustration took less than a week to come to life. This mural was conceived as a part of the Outer Space Project; an annual International evenet whose objective is to beautify and decorate public spaces with enchanting art and eye-catching demonstrations focused on a single subject at a time.

The word about the project’s culmination was out prior to its announcement, and it came from none other than Big Boi himself who features in this mural with a cigar in his hand staring right at the audience with his powerful aura and gripping eyes. According to JEKS, the chief figure that granted this plan its momentum went on record to accept that the initial scheme was to feature Outkast, but things got bigger and better once Mannion initiated the collaboration.

Mannion, overwhelmed by this gesture took to Instagram and gave an overview of the joy and honor that he felt on being included as one of the indispensable figures of the mural. According to Madison, Outkast had a long homage overdue from the public; and by the nature of how things have turned out to be, this will establish itself as one of the most creative and worthy landmarks in Atlanta.

Outkast was originally hailed from California, but grew and flourished in Atlanta thereby taking the city as the chief dominion of all the creative activities.

Madison publicly disclosed the reasons that led to the creation of this mural that displays Outkast; if you have been a 90s kid and have ever come across their music video, you will find them wrapped in passion for art and music along with the glitters of Atlanta.

Rather than directly upholding the bright side of the city, Outkast presented it in its true self; every bit of it that spoke volumes about the people and their life and culture were portrayed through them in front of the world. The videos were a representation of the city; a city that amalgamates the pace of the modern life and antiquity of the past alike. Considering these facts, in what better way other than the mural could have the city returned its greatest gift to its true children?



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