Peachtree Corners Testing Self-Driving Vehicle Track

Photo Credit: Gwinnett Daily Post

The concept of self-driving vehicles has been in existence for over a long period with various trials and errors. A couple of automobile companies have eventually developed and maintained a test fleet for self-driving cars, and even featured driving competitions.
Peachtree Corners, a Western city of Gwinnett County, Georgia has always been referred to as a ‘planned community’, as it happens to contain all the ideals and requirements of an urban city, ranging from technology institutes, to social infrastructure, parks and recreation centers, a substantial economy, etc.

The partnership of Peachtree Corners with Sprint, over self-driving vehicle test track had been rumored, and it was eventually announced early in the year during Consumer Electronic show, one of the largest technology shows in Las Vegas. And after this public announcement, the people have been eager to hear the last of it, and the manifestation of the idea. Both parties then decided to keep a low profile on the project.

However, the cutting ceremony at the city’s autonomous vehicle research center on Wednesday cleared the air on the awesome idea hitting Atlanta, Georgia. The project, after undergoing scientific and laboratory specifications for over a year, of course had to be tested in a real world environment. Hence, the need for an official opening, and a public test drive, which hosted about 300 guests. The test drive took place around the Technology Parkway, Atlanta, and amongst the persons in the vehicle during the drive were the city manager- Brian Johnson and the Mayor- Mike Mason. The self-driving vehicle was referred to as the Olli Shuttle, and it was indeed able to convey them around Peachtree Corners city hall parking lot with no issues.

Meanwhile, during the ride, drones were flown around, serving as a check on the new vehicle, and ensuring there wasn’t any hitch. The 5G wireless network, similar to that of a cell phones’, provided by Sprint was also put into use, ensuring ‘communication’ among the different technologies (from the lab, with the drones, and amongst the people in the moving vehicle) was smooth. The 1.5 mile test track was separated from the regular traffic, through barricades and white cones, ensuring the drive doesn’t affect the other road users.

The benefits of self driving vehicles are not farfetched, and in no doubt this newly discovered technology would move the county forward. Cheaper ride sharing, Meals on Wheels, Streamlined Businesses, Improved Safety… how much better could it become?
The self-driving vehicle idea has birthed a rewarding partnership amongst companies like Curiosity Lab, Delta Airlines, Georgia Technology, Sprint, just to mention a few, and this concept of partnership speaks volume of what a United Georgia has in the store for the people, and of course the advancement of technology in the nearest future. Autonomous vehicles are soon to be the new deal, and of course enhancing robotics technology and intelligence mapping in the society.



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