Piedmont Park Summer Festival 2019


The Piedmont Park Summer festival is the highlight of summer every year, as it brings a refreshing atmosphere for all arts, crafts and tradition enthusiasts. The annual two-day family event to be hosted in Atlanta Georgia, aims at fostering family bond as well as tradition for all that it is worth. It is most suitable for planning a weekend relaxation or trip with friends and family, to ease off work stress. The major focus of this event is visual arts, and so, over 250 artists (jewelers, crafters, sculptors, photographers, etc.) would have an avenue to feature and exhibit craft, out of which some would be on sales. The outdoor event encompasses all age groups, even providing a set aside area for children, involving them actively in the festival. Regional and upcoming artists would also be provided an avenue to air their products, crafts or services as applicable, thereby nurturing their confidence and supporting their dreams.

With this, each individual would readily see arts and crafts that appeals to his interest and tradition that is quite relatable to, making it a much more homely event. Side attractions to include are live acoustic music, family-themed games, traditional entertainment, choreography and other interesting demonstrations.
What’s a festival without good food?

Organized by the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces, the event as over time carved a niche for herself, ranking one of the top 100 Arts Festival in the country. Atlanta of course is known for its love for variety, and in no doubt its inhabitants are tradition lovers and family lovers.

No better way to unite men than through food, and so, ranging from traditional delicacies, to desserts to other indigenous dishes, all shall the provided at the festival. Local drinks, beer, liquor and beverages shall also be served appropriately to all.
The importance of soul music cannot be relegated in a festival, so here is to inform you that this festival is here to feature more than a dozen entertainers, in all genres of music, ranging from jazz, to Rnb, to hip hop. Be prepared for a thrilling experience, and of course come with your dance shoes and body moves!

The location for this year’s festival remains 1071 Piedmont Avenue, in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Visitors are more than welcome to the festival, and if you are bothered about safety, be rest assured that the festival would be backed up with full-fledged security services, ensuring lives and properties are adequately secured. Being the 10th Annual Piedmont Park Festival, it’s safe to tell you to expect a lot, as it is going to be entertaining, even featuring the likes of Benjarat Batchelder, Brandon Tai, A.J Jensen, Bryan Ross, Cassie Myers, Danial Taylor, Don Tran, David Anderson, amongst others.

Mode of entry is free to all, and security of cars and other properties is an entitlement, and the date of the festival is 17th of August (10am-5pm) and on the 18th of August (11am-5pm).

It is a come one, come all event; and so we would love to see you, and of course host you!



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