Pinky Cole, The Slutty Vegan, and Your New Obsession


An Atlanta entrepreneur tackled an age old question: is the only source of high quality proteins available in meat form? While many nutritionists say otherwise, she decided to take it a step further and not only avoid meat altogether, but make it widely appealing to the masses via a vegan food truck in Atlanta serving hamburgers. Yes, you heard that right. Hearing the names of the dishes might make you hungry, blush, or both. The names for the burgers she is serving are a bit controversial like the “Slutty Vegan”, “Fussy Hussy”, “Dance Hall Queen”, etc. A deliciously wicked plot, to be sure.

Basic ingredients of her dishes include cheese and mayo, which are exclusively prepared with plant based items. The 100% vegan burgers are served with grilled vegetables, like onions tomatoes, patties made of various plants and egg free Hawaiian Buns.

Now, a little bit about the owner. Pinky Cole is a former student of Clark Atlanta University, and an ex television program producer. She thinks that there are people who love to eat different food in a different way every time. Cole’s ideology is that if food is healthy then people would buy it even if it is vegan.

She might be right. In many locations, the demand is so high that the lines travel further than she does. Her Instagram life is something else too as the Slutty Vegan’s Instagram followers are almost around 38 thousands and a number of celebrities, such as, Da Brat, Jermaine, Porsha Williams are her customers.

After a successful response, on the vegan food truck in Atlanta, now she is planning to expand her business by opening a restaurant at 1524, Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, in the west view neighborhood, on January 13th, 2019. The restaurant will open in the evening, for dinners and late night cravings. She is expanding the number of dishes to attract customers who want vegan shakes, shrimps and more.

On the other hand, the vegan food truck will continue its business in other cities to embrace vegan consumers and attract people on healthier plant based food, Pinky Cole’s goal is to commercialize and introduce her vegan food business to international market as well.



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