Portugese Wine Shop Dom Bejios Opening in Kirkwood


The residents of Kirkwood by the second week in September will have a new place to purchase a bottle of wine or go in for sips and outings. Don Beijos is the combination of a bar and retail store that will be into Portuguese wine and beer. The new place will be replacing the GBG Market, at 2033 Hosea L Williams Drive SE in Kirkwood. The owner of the place, Melissa Abreu aim to open Dom Beijos by mid-September. According to Abreu, she said the idea came to be in her bid to ‘create a space where people could gather and socialize.’ Don Beijos is a Portuguese wine shop that has more than 70 different varieties of wine. Two glasses of wine will be provided each day, included with that is beer, chocolate, and cheese.

In addition to selling beer and wine, the new bar will also provide alcoholic beverages that can be taken out front the patio or inside. Abreu has always wanted to open a retail wine store all her life because of her life for wine. According to her, she opted into the opportunity to open Dom Beijos at that location because it is a walkable distance from her home. Her family is Portuguese, but she resides in Georgia. Her love for her family culture brought out the zeal to introduce their heritage into her neighborhood. Dom Beijos will have in stock numerous Portuguese wine as they can set their hands on, including the Old World and California varietals.

The shop will be made accessible to every member of the neighborhood, with them working with a $15 price point. There will be complimentary tasting and also paid to drink. With this, ‘you don’t need to spend as much as $50 before you can enjoy a bottle of wine,’ says Abreu. In addition to that, Don Beijos will have in stock a cooler with single bottles and cans of local beers, including offerings from Creature Comforts and BlueTarp. They will provide between 12 and 20 options every time.

The phrase ‘Dom Beijos’ was gotten from the way Portuguese people greet, they plant kisses on each other’s cheek. This was explained by Abreu to be associated with feelings of happiness and love; being with your friends, and all the feelings you acquaint with having wine,” According to her, space was designed to be comfortable ad have this antique, old-world feel. The walls will have paintings from the selection of local artists that will be picked in a rotatory manner, this will start with watercolors by Sara Haskew.

The place, sitting on a 1,200-square-foot space does not have a bar, but do have a counter where Abreu will uncork bottles and pour glasses of wine for guests. There will be a limited number of seats; 8 people outside, divided into 2 with 4 at the front and back patios, 16 seats will be provided inside with the use of the sofa, loveseat, counter stools, and communal table.

The store will also sell alongside the wine repackaged snacks, like cheese, nuts, meat, and bread. Melissa Abreu is also looking forward to working with local vendors like Pine Street Market, the Spotted Trotter, and Sweet Grass Dairies.



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