It’s no secret that Atlanta is known for being a mega hot spot of music and arts, especially in the Hip Hop scene! A- Town has always made a statement in the rap game with its own brand of swagger. It doesn’t just end with the known acts and legends that have come out of A-Town either. The city is full of young, hungry and talented artists and producers looking to make their sound heard and mark their spot at the top. Today, LuxeLifeATL brings to you one of those producers, Stone Mountain’s own SlayerTracks.slayertracks
The producer’s drum heavy instrumentals have been heard on the tracks of many knownartists, including Rich Homie Quan, Gucci Mane and Ashanti. SlayerTracks is definitely a producer to keep your eyes and ears on!

Q: You’re born and raised in Stone Mountain, GA. Atlanta has always been known for it’s culture and arts. How much do you believe being in the Atlanta area has influenced your style?

A: I would say Atlanta has had a major influence on my style, mainly cause I’m obsessed with making what I consider authentic music…growing up in a era where Atlanta was authentic because there wasn’t a rapid rush of artist and actors from around the globe fusing or diluting their culture with ours. Don’t get it misconstrued, I’m all for diversity & innovation but I also come from a time where everyone’s music was a lot purer, original, and not as effected by monetary gain. My bad for rambling…I love the sound of loud bass. 

Q: You’ve worked with Rich Homie Quan, K-Camp, Gucci Mane, Ashanti and many others. Out of the different tracks that came from these artists, which one was your favorite?

A: My personal favorite is K-Camp’s Slum Anthem. It’s literally my own theme song “Yo girl will get slayed” To big of a coincidence for it to not be divine intervention. I wanna say it’s still my ringtone that or Mr.hotspot’s Slide Like This.

Q: There’s no shortage of musicians, especially in terms of artists, DJ’s and producers in the Atlanta area. How important do you feel it is for young producers to meet, collaborate and network with these people and how may competitive nature play a role?

A: Its very important but not the end all be all, it’s a lot of different avenues that people in the industry can be successful in, at times you may feel that your competition success is effecting your own, but there is no rules stating that you even have to be in the same arena…use your imagination.

Q: How long have you been producing and at what point did you realize that music production was your dream job?

A: Been producing for over a decade, I stuck wit producing just cause I was good & figured if I make getting better a goal I was guaranteed to be successful. Then bout 2-3 years ago I actually realized the magnitude of what I was trying to achieve and the percentage of producers who actually makes it to that level…I actuate it to hitting the lottery so yea being a producer is definitely my dream.

Q: You have your own website and also a video blog series titled “Slay TV”. Do you possibly see yourself trying your hand in endeavors other than just music production?

A: I’m enjoying producing Slay TV so far & building my brand using my fully responsive website ( …Curious to see how that might evolve over time.

Q: Where do you see yourself and the music scene of Atlanta within the next 10 years?

A: Somewhere relaxin’ and recovering off a massive run as one of the go to producers from Atlanta…Lord Willing.




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