Small Boutique Fashion Week 2019

Photo Credit: Febeary Fashionista

Small Boutique Fashion Week is a fashion show that started in the year 2012. This year, 901 Productions is proud to present the 15th season of Small Boutique Fashion Week Runway Show and Market, tagged SBFW 2019. SBFW is a very large event that is created to cater for independent fashion brands. Since its establishment in 2012, SBFW has displayed various collections of some most powerful independent fashion labels of over 400+ brands. This high number of fashion labels have featured at this highly anticipated event, we have also had Small Boutique Fashion Week featured in many notable publications like the Forbes, Vogue, and Fox Business Network. Small Boutique Fashion Week has a history of improving the business of fashion stars and labels that participates in the show, and is always on the look-out for new emerging designers that are willing to take their businesses to the next level.

Small Boutique Fashion Week (SBFW), for the past years has been the greatest show for the upcoming designers and fashion brands as they come to showcase their talents to the world. They have received great reception from audiences and brands, first with the use of a great locations that had huge history behind them, the fashion Mansion, with its great architecture, both for the interior and exterior, which is located at Park Ave, and also 68 Street’s, which has so many rooms in the mansion, one can just easily get lost here. Another is Huge Staircases, Library’s and many more other rooms that are mind-blowing.

The Small Boutique Fashion Week show, SBFW 2019 just like those of the past will focus on professionals in the fashion industry, including but not restricted to; small boutique owners, buyers, fashion designers, stylists, photographers, fans of fashion brands, and members of the fashion media (i.e. journalists, bloggers, photographers, etc.). The primary aim of this event is to create a marketing experience that caters to the small scale buying and selling handmade community. Just like how the original Fashion Week that caters to needs of high-end designers and mass-market retail, our show for SBFW 2019 will appeal to the small-scale and trendy buyers within the design community. The secondary (but like-wise an important) aim of the event is to provide small-scale fashion brands with the exposure, experience, and the opportunity for them to showcase, find new clientele, and establish new business relationships.

SBFW 2019 will be showcased at six (6) different locations, they are Philadelphia, St. Louis, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Houston. This years’ SBFW will feature hundreds of models who have travelled from all over the world to partake in the event. Not only that, Fashion Designers from all over the World will be in attendance as well to have their works showcased for the world to see and buy. We also will have big vendors displaying their products from the likes of luxury wrist watches, to jewelries and high end clothing, which one can purchase right there. Our goals are to turn S.B.F.W. Show and Market into an event that is geared towards the small-scale buying community and designer market; and finally becoming the number one event for members of the small-scale market.



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