Social Media Reality

In Part II, we covered the so-called instant super mate and subject matter expert. In Part III, we’re going to tap into something that simply cannot get any hotter than it is…and that is…the evolution of the troll.

To troll is to “make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.”-According to (Powered by Oxford Dictionaries),

Trolling has become so popular in the present day utilization of social media; that it almost feels like the norm. Mind you, when you first saw the act of trolling commence, you probably thought, “How could somebody be so extreme and angry?” But then you saw it over and over again on different platforms.

Probably not something that you wanted to get used to; but you slowly realized that this just might be signs of the new reality. Yes, there are people on this earth who are “that” angry and who actually have “that” much time on their hands. But then again, with social media, unless you really know the person, there is no telling if they are really angry at all or even have extra time to begin with.

I don’t know about you; but the first thing I wondered was why are there so many social media trolls out there? Who knows? But one thing I personally realized is that anybody can pretty much boldly say anything they want on social media via free speech. In essence, folks can say things to another in electrons that they wouldn’t dare say to their face. In many instances, under the aforementioned scenario, the person may have had an account with no pic or a fake pic coupled with a bogus name.

But let’s be clear here, people can’t just post or say “anything” without “any” type of repercussion…especially if they are using a personally identifiable account. Of course one can lose their job, and also unfortunately, there have been cases of physical harm and loss of life as well. But make no mistake about it, the veil of the electronic wall certainly gives some a false since of protection or security. This is why many trolls go the “fake account” route in order to maximize from their experience.

How do they establish fake accounts? Easy. All these folks do is acquire numerous email accounts and that’s pretty much it. Because most social media platforms require a valid email address, a few more identifying details, and a password and that’s it. There are some built-in defense mechanisms that the sites utilize to curtail hacking and trolling; but nothing is foolproof. As a matter-of-fact, these defense mechanisms are at best, “deterrents.”

Have you ever asked yourself, “What drives a person into trolling?”

Thing is, there really isn’t a “main” reason as to why. See, trolling in a sense, is a form of bullying. And if you’ve lived long enough to witness it, people who bully others were probably bullied at some point earlier in their life. So why not take the least path of resistance to exact revenge right? Get on social media, change your name, add a fake pic, and cause all kinds of electronic mayhem and nobody knows who you are. All they can do is report or block you. And if you lose access to one user, you’ve got millions of others on whom you can wreak havoc.

But still, why? Well, here’s another thing about social media you may have realized, the common user has a direct link to the A-list user. That’s right, you can follow anyone whom you desire. And many trolls do not waste their time by taking aim at “low flying targets.” Nope. Not at all. They’re going to troll the highest flying and most popular targets out there. There’s nothing that gives them more pleasure, than to be a pesky thorn in someone else’s side all because deep down inside, they may not be happy with themselves or their life.

Let’s face it; trolling just comes with the territory. The only thing people can do is mitigate the impact; because there’s no ultimate measure to totally stop it. One weapon that I’ve seen people use, is the weapon of ignoring. Will it work? It just depends on who the troll may be. Thing is, a troll can make a statement (whether true or untrue) that sounds very damming and that could possibly gain attention…the wrong kind of attention. This is so because many people love mess and drama. These types of attitudes certainly contribute to feeding the beast.

With that said, if someone happens to be trolling you, well you must be doing something high level, important, or very valuable. -Poet/Author Marc Lacy

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