In Part I, we basically talked about the evolution of social media and how those formerly against it in a matter of no time, all seemed to acquire accounts. We also iterated how something fictional could get spun so many times via clicks, comments, and likes, that it could perhaps be taken for fact…

Segue to Part II, we are going to highlight the age of the overnight super mate and subject matter expert. That’s right. Upon the advent of social media, not only have mate-seekers and businesses used it as a mechanism for marketing; but also individual entrepreneurs as well. Some mate-seekers and businesses are legitimate and some are not. But the threat alone of fraud and gimmicks taking advantage of innocent people, apparently is not enough to keep numerous prospective consumers away.

I understand your thought may be, People are natural skeptics so therefore they are going to do proper research before allowing themselves to be taken by some sort of scam artist. Glad you thought that; because we can set this up by starting off with the allure of online dating. How many times have you heard of someone being taken by what they assumed was an attractive potential online mate? How many times do people do double takes when they see a super sexy pic on social media? So what happens if you’re drawn to the page of someone super attractive? You may be compelled to read their profile (if they have info on it).

In some instances, you’re going to be like, “Wow, this person really has it going on.” Next thing you know, you’re in contact with them. The communication is quite intriguing. They are communicating with you and perhaps hundreds of others simultaneously. Fast forward a little ways into the future, they are asking everybody for some money. If you happen to catch onto their scheme, they will spend less time with you and more time with those who are biting. So don’t think they are stopping just because “you” didn’t bite. Nope. There are many other potential biters out there with whom they’re going to spend their time.

It just doesn’t happen on the personal side either. Have you ever had the thought that, “everybody” is a preacher, promoter, or motivational speaker on social media? If you have, you are not alone. Not only are you surprised by what appears to be a high volume of the aforementioned concentrations, but you’re literally taken aback by the fact that you may have actually grown up with a few of those folks. With that said, you never knew that particular person to have drive, goals, or the professional aptitude to build a following on social media. Not trying to judge anyone here; because all of us can take positive turns for improvement in life. But as we alluded to previously, on social media, it’s all about the perception. It’s not what you see, it’s what you think you see. Trends and hits are what grab peoples’ attention.

Thing is, everybody knows a good graphics person for fliers, and people know how to swipe biblical/uplifting quotes from various places on the internet and post them on their profile. Whoever has the most attractive package certainly stands to gain the most followers and/or customers merely based on a look or a feel. Again, not to take anything away from the legitimate professionals; however there are many folks who focus on being “social media legit” only and ruin the game for everybody. A person can be mean in real life; but “push” nice on social media. If folks do not know any better, they will give that person their time, attention, and perhaps finances.

In conclusion, we all have to realize the fact that this is the new age and norm. For as positive and powerful a tool it is, social media has bred new opportunities for people to be taken advantage of. You may ask, Why is this so? Well people like to see and hear what they want to see and hear. Social media is certainly a breeding ground for that type of entertainment. At the same time, the “fantasy” aspect of it certainly clouds judgment and unfortunately the victim does not realize the damage until the euphoria fades. The saddest part about this whole thing is that people do not seem to be compelled to read deeply into warnings until after they get taken. At that juncture, trust will be hard to come by in the future. Learn before you burn. When in doubt, ask around, Google search, or go to your local Better Business Bureau. Social media has too many positively legit opportunities to be tainted by a scandalous few.

– Poet/Author Marc Lacy



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