Stop Watching the News



Man if you don’t give those cable news broadcasts a break, you’re gonna end up suffering from cable news overload. Heck, you may even have some sort of conniption or something.

Trust me, in this political volatile time in which we live, the news sources cannot help but to feast on what’s happening and thus turn everything into a headline or so labeling it as “breaking news.” Yes, the climate is electric and the atmosphere primed for just about anything to jump off at any given place and at any given time. Conspiracy theories are swirling about like cyclones in the plains. All it takes is for someone in a position of power to say something controversial or “off key” and next thing you know, it’s trending on social media. People “share” and “tag” and instant pandemonium is created. As a result, somebody within your household has an elevated blood pressure reading as they watch pundits duke it out on cable news.

How do you expect to live your life if all you do is come home from work, pop some popcorn and glue yourself to breaking news? And yes, you’re damn skippy it’s addictive.

How do we know? Simple…it’s about 9pm, and you’ve not even done one house chore because you’re sitting on that couch in a trance. Your flat screen TV has projected a ray of hypnosis and you can’t do anything but be petrified. What’s worse is the fact that now you cannot even concentrate at work because of your anticipation for checking out the latest dirt and mess when you get home.

May as well tune into all of those reality shows that you’ve dissed in the past because they had too much ignorant laced drama. Well, being hooked on the cable news these days draws the perfect parallel to those reality shows. It’s high-end drama, and often time it’s based off of folks acting straight up ignorant…but hey, to each their own. This stuff is an easy sell simply because in a way, EVERYONE loves to hear about foolishness. And no, you do not have to be “about that life” to get some sort of rise out of it. You don’t have to talk in a “rachet” fashion to become endeared to folks acting that way.

So what the heck are you going to do? Are you going to spend the rest of your life being consumed by something that for the most part is entertainment? Or are you going to take a break from the headlines and focus on life’s deadlines?

That’s right people, you’ve got one life to live…as the soap opera was so-named. The time to get down (in the good sense) is now. There’s so much more to the world than news and headlines that it’s almost ridiculous. It is inexcusable to let four and five months of your life pass by and you not accomplish a doggone thing worth mentioning. It’s like self-incarceration. You are indirectly confined within the close quarters of your TV for several hours of the night. You’re finding yourself searching for that “headline high” that you achieved during the first couple of weeks of your addiction. But then you’re slowly realizing that the high is not going to get that much higher, if any higher, than the first high you got. May as well put yourself through an intervention program and get back to regular life.

Look, it is impossible for you to pull yourself away from the news permanently. You’ve got to have “some” news consumption whether it’s checking out a broadcast on TV, or searching for headlines on the internet. But the key is to have balance.

You should be able to live your life to where you can accomplish different things without suffering from news overload. Don’t allow yourself to become brainwashed and thus end up mimicking the turmoil the world has gotten itself into. Never become a pawn for the drama. Focus on God, family, love, advancement, community, etc. Way too many people are becoming prostitutes for headlines and selling their peace of mind to any conspiratorial john who’s willing to buy former peaceful souls. Of course politics are very popular and polarizing.

In this present day, it’s nothing for a public figure to say something that is spun and made to cut deep. When this happens, ill feelings are stoked prompting people to react in a not so positive way. Hey, we are all human and we feel things, and that’s okay. Just make sure you don’t spend the rest of your life just sitting there feeling things and having your impulses stirred by static and clutter coming in on the airwaves. Live your life and keep it balanced.

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