Superbowl 53 Music Lineup Revealed


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to
everything” truly said by Plato.

Music fuel the soul, music is a passion, it’s something that keeps the smooth flow of blood in the vain, music is the cause of excitement. Do you feel the same? Whatever the answer you are welcome to join the Atlanta Super bowl live concert. A 6 days long concert for the music lovers.

When it’s a musical event the first thing evolve in our mind is about the singers. Let’s recite a lyric, “The love I feel for you, you feel for me, One life is all we have to live, Our love is all we have to give, yeah” sounds like the 80s?

Yes, feel free to think, don’t say that you didn’t remember the legendary S.O.S band. Craig Campbell and Monica along with S.O.S band will be on stage to fulfill your thirst of music. Not only them but also the illustrious musician and curator of this concert Jermaine Dupri’s full team of So So def will be there to rock the stage. Jermaine Dupri included that Goodie Mob and Wacka Flocka will perform in this event also.

It’s gonna be a great package for the people who always seek for the mellifluous line of the music and want to take the different flavor of it. It’s being said a package because of the audience will be able to listen to the songs from 80s to the present time and most of the Georgia based musicians will perform in one stage.

Isn’t it fabulous?. It’s a great chance to dance with the harmony of 80s hip hop and R&B melody. You will miss nothing if you don’t miss the concert. Hip Hop, R&B, Country music, Rock music, Pop, EDM everything will be there.

Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park will host the Super Bowl live, the six-day concert from 26th of January to 2nd February. There will be a short break of 2 days at 29th and 30th January. And finally, it’s time to disclose the most exciting announcement for the audiences. The whole six-day concert is free of cost. 26th January night will start with the hip hop of Pastor Troy and disco funk of S.O.S band. So, music lovers, mark the calendar or create a reminder right now which can strike your chord at the accurate time.

Don’t forget to find the schedule here.



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