T.I. Fires At Floyd Mayweather & Gucci In “F*** N****”

Photo Credit: XXL Mag

T.I. is considered to be among the very first entertainers who addressed the blackface sweater controversy of Gucci. Spike Lee, Soulja Boy and 50 Cent also joined together to boycott the upscale brand’s bold new product.

Floyd Mayweather, the boxing champion, chose to side with the clothing brand instead. T.I. is well known for having a rough patch with the boxer and launched a scathing diss track to respond to Mayweather’s decision to side by this popular luxury fashion house.

T.I., in the diss called “F*** N****”, said, “I don’t give a f**k about the money you have / How you enjoyed it? What did you use it for making an impact to influence weather for your better? Rather, you buy jewelry. Whatever.”

He also cited that Mayweather is predictable for his lack of involvement in social issues. Tip further stated that Mayweather to be a greedy person, who only thinks about his self-needs, money, and nothing else. He simply ran after fame and derived immense wealth. But still, people are found to be struggling. So, the question is who did he help till now?

Although Mayweather’s name is not mentioned by T.I. on this track, the boxer’s photoshopped image is very much used, where he is shown to be wearing a Gucci type of sweater with the controversial balaclava style knit top being the song’s cover art.
The new track has been launched just after the confirmation of Floyd Mayweather about his support for Gucci.

In his statement, Mayweather said that he did not believe that everyone would boycott, especially T.I., who he expected to sail on a yacht and lead a normal, happy life. He also doubled on his stance by stating that racism does exist still now but it is not likely to stop his drive. He also claimed to have friends from every segment of the society and for him, black lives did matter a lot and can be termed to be the priority.



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