The Brett Johnson Collection debuted in 2013 with a line of men’s shoes and apparel. The eponymous menswear collection encapsulates style, sophistication, and edge for the global lifestyle; amalgamating a modern silhouette with traditional handcrafted technique refined tailoring and detailed finishing.


Brett Johnson is the founder and creative director of the Brett Johnson Collection, a distinct brand of menswear which offers premium apparel that exudes style, sophistication, and edge for the global lifestyle. The Collection includes a variety of contemporary polos, t-shirts, shoes and elegantly tailored Italian outerwear. As a designer, Brett has always been passionate about fashion, sports, and entertainment. He has a keen sense of design and performance and credits international travel, music, and architecture as heavy influencers on the unique look and feel within the Brett Johnson Collection.

Brett was also an executive producer of Lee Daniels’ The Butler, starring an Academy Award-winning cast that includes actors Oprah, Forest Whitaker, and Robin Williams. Previously, Brett worked with the legendary Italian auto manufacturer Ferrari, one of the most iconic brands in the world. As a scion of a successful media and entertainment empire, Brett hails from a family of innovators and has cultivated many lessons in leadership and brand building. https://brettjohnson.co/ @BrettJohnson



Watch as LuxeLife Singles Spokesperson Actress/Producer Erika Kennedy interviews Fashion Designer, Brett Johnson at his 2015 Trunk Show at Neiman Marcus-Lenox Mall, along with his famous entrepreneur father Robert “Bob” Johnson, founder of the BET Network.