The Mehta Art Collection Arrives At Oglethorpe


Supremacy, Allure and Knowledge of Women in African Art of the Mehta Collection includes a collection of 50 engraved wooden statues and masks drawn from the assemblage of Dileep and Martha Mehta.

The Mehta Collection has a collection of African Art from over twenty-five indigenous communities from around 12 countries. Those art pieces are accumulated into groups with women in power, motherhood, idealized beauty and female forebears.

Martha Mehta and OUMA members Dileep collects Asian and African arts. Their assemblage of African art and items in Mehta collection has immensely advantaged from conscientious sourcing by wise counsel of African Art dealers Sanoussi Kalle and Tamba Kaba.

The Mehta Collection was formed by Elizabeth H.Peterson, Director of OUMA and coordinated by Amanda Hellman, PhD, conservator of African Art, Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University.



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