The Return of Keri Hilson Is Almost Here


It has been more than 10 years since we’ve heard from the world-renowned artist Keri Hilson. The fans were waiting for her comeback so long and the famous lady finally captured everyone’s heart with her recent open letter on social media. This emotional letter came with the most amazing news for all Keri Hilson’s music lovers. It was about her return. Yeah, the rising hip-hopper, widely known as Lil Baby recently revealed that she is ready to entertain the fans around the world by summer2019.

Hilson shared this information about her return on Instagram on 24th March this year. Note that, she has been away from the industry for almost 10 years; hence, this news brought relief to her fans. Keri is planning to return with her new studio album named “In a perfect world”.

There is no doubt to say that Keri took a long break from her music, but it is good to know that it was all packed with some reason. Recently in February 2019, she said that the prime reason for her absence in the music industry was her decayed mental health. By packing the open letter with some heart-warming words, the artist also said that she was prepared for all the bad possibilities.

She shared that she was already aware of the fact that not all her fans will be able to understand the issue and probably, most of them will lose their faith in her; but being a strong artist, she had struggled hard with all the trials of her life. 

Keri Hilson has faced lots of personal challenges during this time, but her courage and dedication towards her profession and passion have made things perfect again. 



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