The Rowdy Tiger Whiskey Bar & Kitchen

Photo Credit: The Business Journals

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Rowdy Tiger Whiskey Bar and Kitchen has been designed keeping in mind the theme of the 19th century prohibition era. The décor of the restaurant speaks for itself and relates the tale of the territory’s infamous history, an integral part of which were the local speakeasies, popularly known as the “blind tigers” and hence the name. This place was earlier known by the name of “Community Smith”, a part of the Renaissance hotel in Midtown, which was eventually shut down on May to make way for the renovations, only to be re-opened with its new name and design in June. The franchise of Rowdy Tiger worked along with their Dallas-based interior designer to wholly change the appeal of the restaurant and justify every bit of its name.

Not only is the theme of the restaurant changed, but the menu too, went through a rigorous revision. The menu mainly focuses to serve its customers with the Southern American delicacies that include everything from salads and finger foods to sumptuous entrée and desserts. But their signature dishes, the ones that have been making a buzz all over the town mainly include Fork Tender Bourbon Short Ribs, Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburgers, Fried Green Tomato Caprese Salad, Georgia Pecan Banana Pancakes and Croissant bread pudding dressed with bourbon caramel sauce. The menu is specially designed by the Executive chef Christina Wai, who was earlier the executive chef at the Korean-Mexican Fusion restaurant in Takorea. Apart from the food the pioneer attraction of the place is that it offers over a 120 varieties of whiskey, above 50 moonshine and craft cocktails, and beers. The liquor section of Rowdy Tiger Whiskey and Kitchen has been meant to stand out because the subject on which it is based tells that the citizens who were the members of the “Free and Rowdy Party”, sneaked out to the “Blind Tigers” devour the alcohol that was put off limits by the state.

The restaurant is open for its guests from 6:30 in the morning till midnight through all days in the week, but the kitchen winds up shat at 11 p.m. Not only does the bar and restaurant have a sitting arrangement of 150 guests in their dining hall, but along with that two semi-private rooms and the majestic rooftop with a capacity of 200 boarders are accessible. The timings of the rooftop work separately from the rest of the restaurant to provide its customers with the best experience of the area, and thus operate within 4:00pm to 11:00pm from Sundays to Thursdays and from 4:00 in the evening till midnight on the remaining two days.

The restaurant welcomes its patrons from everywhere and thereby has strategically rated each item from the menu, keeping the needs of the customer in mind. The prices of the items fall more or less between the ranges of 15 dollars to 38 dollars, making it affordable for everyone. Stop by Rowdy Tiger Whiskey Bar and Kitchen if you are willing to go back in time and experience the prohibition era!



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