TILDA Studios Presents The Daisy Chain – 2018 Garden Fellows Exhibition


Art plays a very important role in everyday life. No matter a child or an adult, art is an important influencer. Many people use art in order to release stress or showcase their creativity however art has much more significance. It is an unspoken form of communication and can help you in developing a connection with others and even with your own self. Art can help you express yourself in a better way.

Art has always been an important part of society. It still holds a lot of importance in today’s world. It defines who we are as a society and help in making us better human beings. There are many groups and communities all over the world that are working to promote different ideas through their artistic work.

With the help and support of Tila Studios, a lot of black females have been able to showcase their work to the world at different galleries and mega-events like Miami Art Week 2018.

Atlanta is culturally very rich when it comes to artwork. This is why the Mayor’s Office Of Cultural Affairs is arranging an exhibition at the City Hall’s Mayor’s Gallery. The exhibition has been appropriately named Daisy Chain and will be held from April 25th to June 21st.

The main theme of the exhibition is sisterhood and unity, not just amongst black females but amongst all humanity. The exhibition will showcase top quality work from many different female artists. The exhibition will also include awe-inspiring work from the 2018 garden fellows who represented Atlanta’s culturally rich creative community during Miami Art Week in 2018.

One of the main reasons to hold this exhibition is to celebrate the homecoming of these garden fellows. Work from the following artists and 2018 garden fellows will be featured and exhibited in the exhibition.
• Angela Davis Johnson
• Ariel Dannielle
• Ayanna Smith
• Christa David
• Evelyn Quinones
• Ebony Black
• Grace Kisa
• Jasmine Nicole Williams
• Shon Pittman
• Sachi Rome

The artists want to send their message of unity and sisterhood to all the women . If you are familiar with the work of any of the above-mentioned artists then you would love the Daisy Chain exhibition.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the work of these artists but you are someone who loves art, then you should definitely head down to Atlanta’s Mayor’s Gallery to check out the exhibition. There are many art galleries out there that charge you money to visit their exhibitions whereas Daisy Chain exhibition is going to be free for all visitors. The gallery would stay open from 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday for art lovers to visit.



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