TSA Ramping Up REAL ID Campaign In Georgia


If you have been reading through the latest news on the updated airport norms, you will know that the authority at TSA will be asking from you the latest version of your identity documents before you are allowed to fly.

Even though there is still a year’s time for the campaign to initiate, this regulation is one of the many aspects of the Real ID Act passed in 2005. The official date for the Real ID campaign to gain its momentum is from 1st October 2020 and the law will present the travelers with a new set of obligations to board planes.

To ensure that these changes of airport requirements are wholly propagated to all the visitors around the country, TSA has been using signs to convey the same at all the airports including that of Jackson-Hartsfield International airport. The Real ID would be identifiable with the “star” on the top right corner of the ID, after having analyzed the authenticity of all your documents sincerely. Apart from this, you can also make use of your passport as the ID at each of the TSA checkpoints.

For citizens who already possess a Real ID license, like most people in Georgia, wouldn’t need to make any changes in their documents. The reason why around 96% of the total population in Georgia were furnished with a real ID while all the others are lagging behind is because they have been functioning under the Real ID Act since 2012.

Nonetheless, even for the people of Georgia who have already procured the Real ID will have to renew them if their expiry dates fall before 1st October 2020. Analysts are suggesting people to obtain their licenses as soon as possible and not wait for the next year to commence because by then, the number of people looking to get their IDs verified will increase thereby enhancing chances of rendering incorrect or invalid documents.

Under strict guidelines, if TSA is unable to match or identity or if you breach the process without diligently cooperating, they will label your ID as invalid and you will not be allowed to get past the security formalities. Additionally, all the mechanisms of verification will be carried out only when you are physically present at the site and if you attempt to travel without a star on your ID after September 2020, you will be restrained. But, in a case where you hold a military Department of Defense ID valid passport, you can get through the TSA security system.



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