Whitespace Gallery


Address: 814 Edgewood Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Phone number: (404) 688-1892

Website: https://whitespsace814.com

Additional Information

Atlanta’s leading modern commercial art gallery, Whitespace procures excellent opportunities for both budding and established artists to platform their works.

The Director of the gallery Susan Bridges founded the institute in 2007. She very beautifully transformed circa 1893 carriage-house of her Inman Park Victorian to a modern-day upbeat art gallery. She made such a beautiful effort to encourage originals and conventional workpieces of art. Flowing along the lines of the historic neighborhood of Inman Park, the gallery combines the fascination of its origin with the vivacity of the modern-day art. This exclusive arrangement presents a vivid combination of modern-day art, photography and figurines by the artists across the globe. It has been recognized as Critic’s Pick for Best Gallery 2010.

As the centre promotes an immersive atmosphere of free-expression and dialogue, Creative Loafing named the gallery as Reader’s Choice for Best Gallery in 2013.

White Space Gallery is a well-respected institute not just in Atlanta but throughout South East. White Space Gallery is nowhere like a traditional art centre and best-known to the world as a platform provider for both new talents and established ones.

The gallery is a magnificently conceived and created space with a perfect mix of the Victorian era with modern-day architectural intervention. This centre is certainly one of the best places to visit in Atlanta, Georgia. To simply put it right, this gallery is a place of unremitting brilliance. It makes every effort to speak for its artists sincerely and earnestly. Those who have been here often say that a visit to White Space Gallery is an extreme delight, there is always something entertaining to see. The shows hosted by White Space gallery are excellent, their events are fantastic, it won’t be wrong to say that there is no better gallery in Atlanta. The art showcased at this centre is well-worth witnessing and pondering.

When spoken to recent visitors, they claimed to have thoroughly enjoyed their visits to the centre. The organized gallery openings encourage a platform for open discussion with the artists showcasing their artifacts in the centre. The events are organized in an excellent way, such that shows feel very likeable and cozy. The locals can check-out the galore on a regular basis and the tourists in town must check-out the centre.

The beautiful neighborhood makes it an ideal tourist spot too. This extravagant centre exhibits the talent of indigenous artists, delivering beautiful experiences for the visitors. The complete experience, event, space, artist, inside and out is a mere delight for the viewers.

Book yourself the upcoming event at Whitespace Gallery March 20 – April 25 by Whitney Stansell.

Stansell has received attention across the globe for redolent artifacts whose naive imaginary approach both disproves and highlights the terrible personal history behind them. At Whitestone, you can witness her dynamic work, featuring a story of a family. The plot of the story is well portrayed by seven cinematic drawings. The plot and the drawings appear like a storyboard for a film. She has added a new depth and texture to the show.



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