Wine and Coffee Bar Hazel Jane’s Swings Open on the Eastside Trail


What if we told you that a portion of the Edge Apartment complex situated along the trail of Eastside Beltline is now home to the new Wine and Coffee Bar Hazel Jane’s Swings? This all-day outlet attracts the tourists and localites alike because of its wide-encumbering menu of food and wine that has been curated with flavors from all around the world. The place serves coffee all through the morning and later in the day graces its guests with lunch followed by a mid-day aperitivo and dinner in the evenings. On weekends, when the rush is more and accompanied by diverse demands, lunch is replaced by brunch to satiate the captivating taste buds.

According to the owners of the place, the outlet was designed to fulfill the purpose of procuring an approachable and cozy space for the neighborhood where people could come together in groups and enjoy their conversations over a glass of wine alongside some delicious platters. Manager Mellisa Davis, through Hazel Jane’s, aims at eliminating the negative and intimidating views that people had formed so far about wine. Her objective is to spread far-sighted awareness about the beverage and this is why the menu concentrates on organic and biodynamic selections. The idea is to have around 150 varieties of wine that will be held in the bottle and only 10 kinds will be strictly served by the glass. This range includes some of the stalwarts from the wine world such as 40 sherry and vermouth selections and an array of other embattled options. Apart from this, if any customer happens to like a certain species from their collection, he can obtain a unit of the same from their retail counter. The catalog of wine is not restricted to a particular geographical location; instead, the bar brings people closer to wine samples from even places like Canada, New York, Virginia and England.

Now coming to the availability of some of the finest brewed coffees, the servings are nevertheless limited to the classics including drip, espresso, and iced tea. Furthermore, the breakfast menu contains pastries straight from the kitchen of the commissary and Kirshtein has been endowed with the responsibility of baking the fresh loaves of bread. Additionally, Chef Brad Morris is on his way to fabricating a menu that contains small shareable plates married with some authentic olives, roasted nuts, tarter and flavored nuts to contradict and enhance the taste of the dishes that they are served with.

Interestingly, the denomination assigned to the bar holds enough significance; Hazel Jane Raines was the first Georgian woman to ever receive the license of a pilot for the British Air Royal Force and as the Woman Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) during the Second World War. The design of the place too is unique; the bar has an oval shape and a total capacity of 25 seats along with the dining room and Beltline-facing patio. The wine and coffee bar is open throughout the week from 8 am to 11 pm in the night.



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