You May Never Operate At Full Capacity



Many of us spend countless hours, days, months, and years of our lives trying to propel ourselves into a state of supreme conditioning.  When I say conditioning, I’m talking about spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental.  So often we go through these repetitions in order to position ourselves for the most successful, productive, and beneficial output regardless of what the specific endeavor may be.  We have been influenced by role models, family members, professional counterparts, and friends alike.  It’s all about preparing to participate and win in that championship game (whatever that may entail).

Of course one of the most basic strategies for achievement is that of identifying, reaching for, and accomplishing goals.

If you are unfamiliar with the aforementioned, then you may not be familiar with taking things to the next level.  With that being said, it is not just about setting high goals and living by high and wholesome standards.  No, it’s about understanding the reality of finding a way to stay on the battlefield, in order to press forward.  How so?  Well, life is full of unexpected hiccups; but you still have to press on regardless.

Have you ever gone through a phase in your life in which you just really felt nothing would be right?

When you’re trying to accomplish things, the aforementioned feeling can be a common thing.  It will also mess with your confidence level as well.  Once that confidence dwindles, then you can pretty much kiss your progressions good-bye…well at least for the time being, anyway.   But regardless of how bleak things may seem, you always have to remember the fact that there are different perspectives from which you can view things.  From one standpoint, you’re trying and things seem to be failing.

However, from another standpoint, you know you will be able to patch things up and eventually get by.  But it’s all about “expectation.”  If you think things will be perfect just because you have faith, work hard, and are steadfast, then you will be in for a seriously rude awakening.  However, if you give yourself a “margin of error” when it comes to measuring your performance, then you’ve pretty much graduated to the “real world.” Quarterbacks train to be on the mark at all times, however, it is impossible for them to be on the mark at all times.  This is not an excuse, it’s just reality.

As you mature in your mission, you will realize that there are many things in this world that “seem” perfect; but they are far from it.

People can make things look very easy; but all it is, is “perception.”  You can watch professionals out and about doing their thing and shining like a star.  But when the lights go down and they have to face the four walls, they have just as many issues as you…if not more.  BUT THIS IS LIFE.  As you sprint towards the finish line like a supremely conditioned athlete, you just may realize the finish line is important; BUT NOT AS IMPORTANT AS IT USED TO BE.  How so?

As I stated in the first sentence of this paragraph, “you mature in your mission.”  When you mature in your mission you see things that you never processed before.  Your level of understanding as it pertains to your mission, gets higher and higher.  In this process, you will see that all of these nicks, scrapes, setbacks, and disappointments, just come with the territory…plain and simple.  While you develop this better understanding, you go from focusing on “winning the war” to “finding a way to stay on the battlefield.

How crazy is that?  All of these years, in the back of your mind, you were thinking, “If I don’t get to 100%, then I won’t be able to do what I need to do.”

But that mindset slowly migrates to “Well maybe I can keep the process going while I’m only at 75%.”  This is not called settling, it’s called being wise in your ways.  Don’t you understand?  The true mark of a champion has more to do with how you handle adversity, than it does with you having an easy road solely because you’re that good.  If you can get to the point of, “How can I keep going?” when staggered by various obstacles, you’ve basically earned another stripe for your “rank of realization.”  For this is not a perfect world in which we live.  There are no perfect recipes when trying to cook up success.

One of the best attributes you can have as a go-getter, is one of consistency.  If you’re going to be consistent, you MUST understand that you may never operate at 100% capacity.  But you accept the fact that this is how the process of life works, and move forward.

-Poet/Author Marc Lacy



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